When you sign up to sell your overstock inventory through B-Stock Supply, it’s your responsibility to choose one of four shipping options and communicate that shipping option with the buyer. This article walks you through the shipping options along with some tips on what to think about when choosing a shipping option.

Shipping options

When selling on B-Stock Supply you have four different shipping options to choose from: free, fixed, buyer arranges, and binding shipping. You’ll select your shipping options when setting up your auction listing. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your shipping options:

  • The Piece Count is the count for pallets, shipping boxes, or rolls, not the number of units in the lot.
  • Weight is the total weight of the entire auction/shipment, not of the pallet, box, or unit. Ex: If you have three pallets in your auction, the weight is the total weight of all three pallets.
  • When entering the Measurements for packaging, include all three dimensions: length, width, and height.
  • For Shipping Service Type, for the purposes of generating a quote for the buyer, seven pallets or more is a truckload.
  • When choosing Fixed-cost or Free Shipping, if a “Ship to” selection is not made, “Continental U.S. only (Alaska & Hawaii excluded)” will be selected by default.
  • If a “Packaging Details” selection is not made, “Not original” or “See images” will be selected.
  • Don’t include alternate shipping addresses or contact information in the description 

Free Shipping

Free shipping means you, the seller, pays for and arranges shipping. Note: this is a great deal for buyers— so be sure to call this out in your auction title and details.

Fixed Shipping

Fixed shipping means that you are selecting a fixed dollar amount to charge for shipping no matter the buyer’s location. Pro tip: set a certain price per unit (e.g., $2 per unit) or percentage of retail (e.g., 10% of retail).

Buyer Arranges Shipping

Buyer arranges shipping means the buyer has the responsibility of arranging shipment. This allows them to use a carrier of their choice. Note: it may require your warehouse to communicate directly with the carrier. If “Buyer Arranges Shipping” is selected, the dimensions and weight are necessary so the buyer can calculate the shipping costs.

Binding Shipping

Binding shipping means buyers must use the shipping carrier of your choice and they are required to pay the shipping cost set forth by your shipping carrier. This method is recommended to our Supply sellers that list large amounts of inventory as you’ll only have to deal with one shipping contact.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will vary wildly depending on lot size, buyer location, merchandise location, and shipping service. We recommend that the location of your merchandise be part of your auction title; many of our buyers search for inventory in a specific geographic loction. And, in the case of Buyer Arranges Shipping and Binding Shipping, it’s nice for buyers to be able to calculate costs without wasting time hunting around inside your auction details.

Tip: Due to shipping costs, location is often a determining factor in a buyer’s decision to interact with an auction. 

If there are limitations for certain inventory, it should be called out in your auction listing. 

Updating tracking information

After the order is shipped, please log into www.bstocksupply.com/admin to update the tracking and shipping information. Update tracking information by going to the Sales/Order screen, clicking on the order number, and then marking the order as shipped along with including the carrier name, and tracking, BOL or Pro Number.

Once B-Stock is notified by the buyer that the lot was received and approved, we will process payment within four to five days. For more info on How Payment Works, please read Selling Basics: Getting Started on B-Stock Supply. 

If you haven’t already completed an application and wish to start selling, please visit here.

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