The holiday season is right around the corner and will mark a huge boost in revenue for most retailers. But on the heels of the biggest shopping season of the year comes a barrage of returned merchandise that will end up significantly cutting into the bottom line (without a proper strategy in place, that is). This season in particular is going to bring higher return rates as more consumers than ever are expected to shop online (ecommerce return rates are double that of brick and mortar). Good old buyer’s remorse and gift-recipient dislike will also play a big role in the reason-for-return.

Though much of it will be in functional and cosmetically perfect condition, putting returned items back on store shelves is logistically inefficient. Plus, packing up and storing seasonal items for a year can compromise space in – what’s most likely – an already packed warehouse.

If you’re in need of a better solution for merchandise that can’t go back on primary shelves, we’ve put together the Playbook: How An Online Marketplace Can Solve Your Post Holiday Returns Problem 

Download your playbook now to get insights on how online marketplaces work when it comes to:

  • Higher Pricing 
  • Brand Control
  • Scalability + Flexibility (especially in Q1)
  • Data: What sells best in Q1
  • Auction Strategy
  • Buyer Demand
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