Chris Garofano is B-Stock’s resident appliance expert who – as THE account manager for our Major Appliances category – works closely with both buyers and sellers of returned and overstock appliances. According to Chris, the secondary appliance market is “a robust industry that’s being driven primarily by larger retailers closing their stores and leaving a ton of consumer demand left unserved.” What’s more, there is also a constant supply of Scratch & Dent products available that can’t go back into primary rotation and sold at full price. Retailers and manufacturers are smaller mom & pop and SMB owners who are filling a void with their local stores, which allow consumers to still get a touch and feel for the merchandise.

When it comes to major appliance manufacturers, Chris says that, “protecting the brand is very important, therefore we customize solutions to fit the client’s brand-control needs while maximizing their recovery.” To help tackle these goals for his clients Chris researches and provides insights on:

  • Auction strategy
  • Knowledge to predict supply & demand trends
  • Value and price assessment for any unit and model
  • Recovery rate predictions for all brands and models
  • Geographic demand for gas or electric (hint, it’s regional)

Chris is proud to be B-Stock’s in-house appliance subject matter expert and is happy to point out why B-Stock is the world’s leading sales channel for returned and overstock appliances. We have:

  • 3 out of 5 of the major appliance manufacturers as clients
  • The largest domestic manufacturer of major appliances
  • 4 of the biggest appliance retailers as clients
  • Over 50% of all major appliance retailers and manufacturers signed up as sellers

If you’re a retailer or manufacturer looking for a new secondary channel solution for your returned or overstock appliances appliances, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

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