Save the date and come see the B-Stock team at the Reverse Logistics Association’s Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, February 4-6, 2020. The three-day event welcomes returns and reverse logistics subject matter experts to learn about brand reputation improvement, customer satisfaction, and asset recovery increase. 

There are a variety of educational sessions scheduled, including two panels featuring B-Stock’s Paul Busch and Sean Cleland on Wednesday, February 5: 

11:30AM: (Cycle) Time is Money 

Paul Busch—Director of Sales, Canada—will be moderating a panel on Cycle Time in the Reverse Logistics Phase. He’ll be hosting experts from Best Buy, Whirlpool, Walgreens, and Samsung. The main discussion topic will include how each of these respective organizations innovated to create changes that impacted cycle time, particularly for returned and excess inventory. 

1:30PM: Making the Right Choices for Financial Success in Reverse Logistics 

Sean Cleland—Vice President, Mobile—will be participating in a panel that will explore the choices made in the reverse supply chain and how those choices can impact your company’s brand, compliance, and bottom line.  Moderated by Corey Dehmey, Executive Director for SERI & R2, Sean will be joined by leaders from ERI, SIMS Recycling Solutions, and Wisetek Solutions Limited.

If you’re attending the conference, stop by booth #115 and meet the B-Stock team! 

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