B-Stock’s European team is heading to Catalyst Connect in London on May 15. This show offers a rare opportunity to get plugged in to the smartest brands and strongest retailers shaping e-commerce today.

If you’re attending the show, we’d be happy to chat with you about B-Stock Supply Europe, our marketplace solution for returned, excess, and other problem stock. Via the marketplace you can:

  • Quickly turn your problem stock into cash
  • Sell directly to targeted business buyers across Europe
  • Sell any type of product, condition or quantity; from pallets to truckloads

For more information, please visit our How To Sell on B-Stock Supply page.

For large organizations with ongoing problem stock we offer private, online marketplaces that feature your brand and inventory.  Some of Europe’s largest retailers are using our private marketplace solution to boost recovery for their returned, excess, and overstock goods.

For a better look at the marketplaces and goods being sold across Europe, please visit: europe.bstock.com.

Hope to see you at Catalyst Connect or feel free to drop us a note to connect.

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