The TV Liquidation industry is profitable, with many resellers making a good return on reselling liquidation TVs. All of the items you see on the shelves of department stores or large retailers have a shelf life. If retailers cannot sell their stock in an efficient amount of time, they must pull these out and sell to another vendor. This is to keep up with the trends and allow them to replenish their stocks with the newest items on the market. Conditions of TV liquidation items range from new, refurbished, returned, non-functioning, open box, and end of life. Walmart and Sam’s Club, for example, liquidate million of dollars for TVs each month. The most successful liquidation TV buyers are buyers who are closer to the source of the TVs (helping in reducing shipping cost), as well as buyers who have facilities to repair, refurbish, test, and repackage the TVs.

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How B-Stock Sourcing Network Helps Buyers Source Liquidation TVs

The B-Stock Sourcing Network connects buyers to private liquidation auction marketplaces of large retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club. There, buyers can bid on overstock liquidation TVs in large pallets and truckloads at a fraction of the MSRP. Many of the liquidation TVs are customer returns, but some lots do vary in condition. Each TV is graded and inspected by the retailer according to a quality checklist. Each liquidation TV lot comes with a full manifest that itemizes each TV and includes brand, size, original retail price, model number, serial number, and description. Through the B-Stock Sourcing Network, buyers can gain direct access to liquidation TVs inventory from major retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club without the middleman markups of large liquidators. Buyers can bid on liquidation TVs inventory with confidence because they are buying directly from the source. The B-Stock Sourcing offers unparalleled value for buyers and sellers of liquidation TVs and other pallet-sized bulk lot electronics. Click here to check out the latest TV liquidation listings on the Walmart Liquidations marketplace.

How B-Stock Solutions Help Retailers Liquidate TVs

B-Stock Solutions offers TV and electronic retailers a way to auction off their excess TV inventory. Traditionally, large retailers would contact a few large buyers with a pre-negotiated price, however these companies face a large loss. Excess inventory requires storage space and causes inventory depreciation. The traditional approach combined with time restraints force companies to offer their excess inventory at a low price, and therefore, at a large loss in order to keep their supply chain moving. B-Stock provides these large businesses access to a large buyer base and eliminates the dependence on one or two liquidators. In addition to bringing them more buyers, B-Stock also builds and manages private auction marketplaces to help retailers auction off their liquidation inventory to increase their recovery rates. B-Stock Solutions allows these large companies to host their auction on a private marketplace, auction off to the highest bidder while offering buyers like you a trusted source they can buy inventory directly from the retailer without middle man mark ups.

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