Sales of major appliances generated almost $190 billion in 2016. Many of these appliances—washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves—were returned due to a single dent or scratch, but otherwise in “Like New” condition. Luckily, there’s a large customer base interested in a purchasing a washer or dryer with a dent on the side, out of sight after installation; for a reduced price. Jeff Miars, owner of Camden Appliances in Southern Michigan, knows this customer base well: his family has been selling Scratch & Dent major appliances for over 40 years.

Jeff started buying appliances through B-Stock Supply about six years ago; since then he’s expanded to sourcing products from our other appliance-centric marketplaces including: Frigidaire Liquidations, WhirlPool Second Channel, Almo, Sears, and Lowe’s.

According to Jeff: “It’s nice to see such a large array of appliance-related items to choose from. B-Stock has become our main channel for buying product.”

Sales of Scratch & Dent appliances currently represent 60% of Jeff’s business and Camden Appliances is now the largest, Scratch N Dent appliance retailer in the local area with two different store locations.

For Jeff, buying through B-Stock’s online marketplace platform is easy: “The ease-of-site-use is fantastic. I haven’t had any issues with the auction platform. Everything is laid out real nice.”

To learn more about Camden Appliance, or to view the latest Scratch & Dent appliances for sale, please visit its website. Or if you’re in South Michigan feel free to stop by either store location in Niles or Edwardsburg.

To learn more about B-Stock’s network of marketplaces and/or begin sourcing inventory directly from major retailers and manufacturers, please visit B-Stock Sourcing.

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