B-Stock is pleased to partner with Phobio to launch Phobio Wholesale Auctions. This B2B mobile marketplace will give qualified business buyers direct access to bulk quantities of devices that have been traded-in to Phobio, including: iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and desktop computers.

The products available on Phobio Wholesale Auctions will be grouped in auction lots ranging from 50 units up to several thousand units. Conditions include Working and Damaged; all have been previously traded-in and tested for quality. For more information, please visit the marketplace’s conditions page. All inventory will be shipped from Dallas, TX; bidding is open to qualified resellers across the globe.

For more details and to register to bid, please visit the marketplace at: phobio.bstock.com

As the leading auction platform for returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory, B-Stock is pleased to welcome Phobio to our network of mobile marketplaces and provide business buyers and resellers a direct channel to purchase trade-in phones and devices from a large trade-in company.

Happy sourcing!