The 17th Annual RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas kicked off Tuesday with a collection of receptions and meet and greets (and golf!) in anticipation for the information-fueled event. 

Wednesday’s agenda featured expert panels, ideas, networking, and an award ceremony (more on that later)—all based on the current state of reverse logistics, coined the cornerstone of the Circular Economy. As returns become more prominent, sustainability, social responsibility, and the secondary market are leading the charge for change. 

We’re entering a state in which complexities meet opportunity and reverse logistics is driving the re-engineering of solutions—and as innovation leads the way, those who do not adapt may not survive. Sustainability is becoming more than a luxury—it is becoming the expectation. Companies have an opportunity to create value through social responsibility, with the future being framed by new and evolving consumer demands. 

In understanding that the younger generations of consumers are dictating how the industry grows, panel members spoke about policies they are undertaking, including: 

  • Zero-landfill initiatives
  • Ensuring that items are reusable from the design stage
  • Harnessing the value of the secondary market

Experts from different industries discussed strategies and theories as to what the future may hold. And with a few of B-Stock’s own moderating and participating in panels, there was no shortage of presence: Paul Busch and Sean Cleland moderated and participated in panels discussing Cycle Time and Money and Making the Right Choices for Financial Success in Reverse Logistics, respectively. 

One of the final and proudest segments of the day was the RLA Industry Awards, which recognized companies who have gone above and beyond in the reverse logistics space. B-Stock won the Innovation Solution Partner Award, awarded to the company that provides the most effective and innovative solutions and tools for supporting reverse execution by demonstrating: 

  • Measurable improvements in efficiency and return on investment for customers 
  • Support for RL best practices 
  • Seamless integration with customers’ technology infrastructure 
  • Elegant, user-centric design and innovative use of technology
The B-Stock team pictured from left to right: Karen Huff, Ryan Norton, Chris Garofano, Paul Busch, Rob Iaria, and Christine Worden.

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