We’ve all been there, it’s Valentine’s Day and you completely forgot to get your significant other a gift. And remember what happened the last time you came home without flowers or a box of chocolates? Doh! Okay, so maybe I’m drawing from personal experience, but still, being unprepared and showing up empty handed on February 14 is no bueno.

Here at B-Stock, we fully support Valentine’s Day—and a happy home—and have a few suggestions on how to shine on the most romantic day of the year. And it all starts with ditching the chocolates and roses:

For those who like tech

If your significant other loves tech and their phone is many years old, B-Stock Supply has a wide range of Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. You don’t even have to worry about which color phone you get: buy a lot of 10 phones and you’ll get your choice!

For the photographers

If your sweetheart takes a lot of pictures and is constantly running out of room, you can pick up a lot of 200 USB flash drives—you’ll never run out of storage again!

For the audiophiles

B-Stock Supply has different lots of in-ear headphones. If 50 units sound like overkill, you could find lots of 28 units. Very useful for those who constantly break or lose their headphones.

For those with allergies

If the love of your life suffers from allergies, you can bid on a lot of 566 units of Flonase, great for when your nose stuffs up.

For the gamer in your life

Video game consoles are still extremely popular and we all know you can drop the controllers only so many times before they start acting wonky. Luckily, you can bid on a lot of 198 units of Xbox One Wireless Controllers & Chat Headsets to keep the gaming going!

For those who like to accessorize

Many people like to match their handbag or purse with that day’s outfit. By winning a lot of Michael Kors Handbags, Wallets & Sterling Silver Jewelry, 40 Units, your wife or girlfriend will always match!

For those with kids

Valentine’s is traditionally about your partner, not the kids, but sometimes you need to keep the little ones occupied while mom and dad have a quiet moment alone. In that case, you can bid on an auction lot of toys: Pokémon, Call of Duty, Pop!, Skylanders & more… 930 units should keep the rug rats busy for a while.

And that’s just the front page of what’s for auction on the B-Stock Sourcing Network Marketplace on a typical day (items change daily).

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