Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine just announced its 2015 Green Supply Chain Award winners and we are pleased to have been among the companies recognized for their sustainable business models and strategies. B-Stock was selected for providing green reverse supply chain solutions for our hundreds of clients in the form of B2B marketplaces that sell excess and obsolete merchandise across all conditions, including salvage and damaged. In 2015 approximately 30 million will have been sold via The B-Stock Sourcing network for repurposing, resale or recycling.

We are extremely proud of this award as it confirms what we’ve thought for a long time: though not an obvious first thought, the reverse supply chain is definitely a place where retailers and manufacturers can support sustainability initiatives. This is particularly true when it comes to heavy use, damaged, salvage or other hard-to-sell items: historically these products may have gone straight to a landfill, but these days, regardless of the condition of the returned product, there is a buyer base that exists that will facilitate either reuse or recycling; you just have to know how to tap into it

By working hard to change the way organizations approach their customer returns and excess merchandise, B-Stock is revolutionizing the liquidation business while supporting our clients’ sustainability initiatives. To read more about B-Stock’s Green Supply Chain Award, please read our press release. For a look at the full list of award winners please read the online article or pick up a copy of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine’s December issue.

For more information on how B-Stock can help you implement a successful liquidation solution, please contact us.