B-Stock provides retailers and manufacturers—both Enterprise and SMB—a modern liquidation approach to offset the cost associated with returned and overstock items. This includes an online marketplace platform that enables a direct sales channel between retailers/sellers and business buyers interested in bulk quantities of excess stock. Nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers, along with hundreds of SMB retailers, are using our platform to sell merchandise across all product categories, conditions, and quantities. There truly is a secondary market buyer base for everything! Keep in mind, all of our buyers are valid resellers that have been sought out, vetted, and approved by B-Stock.

Read on for a look at some hot categories being sold across B-Stock’s network of retailer marketplaces, including our multi-seller marketplace B-Stock Supply.

Computers and Software

Retailers and manufacturers are selling everything from laptops to modems to printers and ink cartridges; cables and cords to wireless mouses, and even docking stations. Regardless of make, model, condition or quantity, we have a buyer base interested in sourcing this type of inventory.  

Consumer Electronics

Retailers are selling their overstock and returned headphones, speakers, game controllers, tablets and video games. This is an extremely popular category with a lot of buyer demand.


If you’re an apparel retailer with overstock and returns piling up, selling your merchandise via your own B2B liquidation marketplace is a great way to mitigate the cost impact of processing returns.


From outdoor furniture to leather Barcaloungers, if you find yourself with a surplus of returned or overstock furniture that you need to sell, then B-Stock has the platform and a proven modern liquidation playbook that’s suited just for you.

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