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Recouping Value for Returned Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics boast one of the highest return rates of any product category. Relaxed return policies, the increase in online purchases, and buyer’s remorse are among the reasons that up to 20 percent of CE items are returned. Buyer frustration also plays a big role: the average person will spend 20 minutes trying to get …

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Destination Maternity Has Joined the B-Stock Sourcing Network

We are excited to announce the launch of Destination Maternity’s marketplace on the B-Stock Sourcing Network. This private-label site gives business buyers direct access to Destination Maternity’s customer-returned and overstock apparel including designer maternity clothing and the company’s branded fashions. Bidding for bulk quantities of merchandise is currently open at: https://destinationmaternity.bstocksolutions.com/. Auction lots will be posted …

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Our Latest Marketplace: Groupon Goods

  We are thrilled to welcome Groupon Goods to the B-Stock Sourcing Network! This private-label marketplace will give business buyers around the globe unprecedented access to customer-returned and overstock inventory from Groupon Goods including: apparel, electronics, housewares, toys and other general merchandise from top European brands. The launch of this marketplace marks B-Stock’s first expansion …

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Seasonal Returns Provide Great Product-Sourcing Opportunities

Did you know that around 10% of all holiday purchases are returned to retailers in the months following Christmas? Whether buyers’ remorse, relaxed return policies or gift-recipient repugnance, retailers are getting back close to $64 billion in merchandise sold during the holidays; much of which can’t go back on the shelves. All of these returns, however, …

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Welcome Almo! Our newest private marketplace.

B-Stock welcomes ALMO Corporation, the nation’s leading independent distributor of major appliances, consumer electronics, and professional A/V equipment, to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  The official ALMO Liquidation Auctions marketplace (https://almo.bstocksolutons.com) launched this week with a variety of inventory available to approved buyers.  Lots include single pallet and multiple pallet quantities of products across Almo’s product lines, including …

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New customer returns liquidation marketplace


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newest liquidation marketplace.  Essex Bargain Hunt is now liquidating customer retail returns via essexb2b.com. The marketplace offers small, pallet lots that are specifically assembled for eBay sellers all the way up to full truckloads of retail returns.  These lots span a wide range of merchandise …

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