• Marketplace Technology

    Built by the world’s most experienced team...

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  • Auction

    Our team has decades of online marketplace experience...

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  • Demand Generation

    The right buyers can increase recovery by triple digits...

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  • Marketplace Management

    End-to-end marketplace management...

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  • Logistics & Support

    Transactional solutions in one place...

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  • Analytics &

    A customized reporting platform...

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Our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology is built on a flexible and innovative e-commerce platform that is scalable to suit your organization's needs. Our online marketplaces require no IT investment and can seamlessly integrate using modern APIs.

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Strategy is critical to successfully applying dynamic pricing mechanisms to selling. Our team's decades of combined experience working in online auctions has given us unparalleled expertise in developing winning auction strategies for virtually any product type.

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Access to more high quality buyers will dramatically increase recovery. Our global buyer base is made up of targeted, vetted, secondary-market business buyers acquired through our ongoing demand generation programs. With the largest network of liquidation marketplaces in the world, we are able to spend more to attract the right buyers.

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Our team of marketplace experts have decades of experience managing some of the largest online marketplaces in the world. We will ensure your marketplace is healthy and effective which will translate into maximum recovery on your excess inventory.

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Our sellers and buyers have access to a network of vetted partners with experience in reverse supply chain logistics and operations. From processing and shipping management to customer support you will have an entire support system for your business.

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The answers lie in the data. A customized reporting platform allows transparency into what is working and what can be done differently to increase recovery. Our team constantly analyzes your marketplace data and works with you to determine the best strategy.

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We Deliver Results. On Average, Annually:


30,000,000 UNITS SOLD



Our client base spans multiple industries and ranges from top Fortune 500 manufacturers and retailers to small and medium-sized businesses. Below is a sampling of our clients’ marketplaces.
  • Boise


Ask The Expert: Are overstock auctions a way to get bargain stock?

Slack periods can see significant amounts of excess stock piling up in the stockrooms of major retailers, who are less-than-happy to see obsolete goods cluttering their backrooms. Historically such retailers would have sold this excess stock for a pre-negotiated (most likely low) price, to one or two liquidators. However a shift has taken place in … read more