Thanks for the wild ride!

We started 20 years ago in 1994 and put the first used Broadcast gear website on the Internet in 1995, back when there were only 50,000 web pages on the whole Interwebs! The market, the huge tech changes taking most of the money out of the used biz and the fact that I've been doing this too long has convinced me to move on. (For my Twin Cities customers I still deal in local liquidations. We gather all your stuff, stick it in a a warehouse; the stuff that's worth something we market and the stuff that ain't goes on the auction block. When it's time to finally dump all your old stuff contact me at 763-560-3292)

I have many friends in the used biz -the big secret is that we've all been in friendly coopetition, often buying from one another to meet our customers' needs. I want to recommend a broker for people to go to and I can't mention everyone, so I'll pick one who no-one can argue isn't the best gear broker out there: Dale Storz at Resource Video in Burbank. She'll steer you straight and I trust her completely.

A big thanks to all my customers around the world. Every one of you has been a pleasure to work with. So many interesting people and projects -it's been great! A thanks to my employees Ashley, Sam and Terry who made everything possible in the heyday.

My new company The Archive Factory, brings me back to work I did with Image Premastering putting still images on laserdisc. The Archive Factory now also specializes in photo and document scanning for institutional clients who need to preserve the the original -i.e. museums, publishers, archivists, medicine, research, etc. The company also provides employment for very bright people with amazing, sometimes savant like skills who, being on the high end of the autism spectrum, face 85% unemployment and a waste of their talents. I can tell you, those other companies are missing the boat!

Check it out by clicking the logo below -and if you have any leads I'd welcome them!

Thanks everyone! As always, your

Uncle Geo