How quickly will I receive pay after a bidder wins my lot?

Although B-Stock strives to make every transaction as quick as possible, many external factors can affect the steps in the shipping, delivery, and payment processes. Here is some general information that may be helpful:

  • Within two business days of the auction end date, all payments are due from the buyer. Payment, in turn, triggers the shipping process to begin. 
  • For B-Stock Supply auctions, payment is released to sellers on Tuesday or Friday only once the order is received by the buyer, and the dispute window has closed (5 business days after the order is received).  It will take 2-3 business days for the receipt of funds from your auction.  For more information, please review the following video Your Auctions Sold, Now What? Or access this helpful guide.
  • For Enterprise-level auctions, payment is released to the seller when the carrier communicates to us the order has been delivered. The buyer then has 5 days to file any disputes with the shipment. If they have a problem with the order, the seller may then be called on to refund some or all of the purchase price, depending on the findings of the dispute process.

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