How should I portion my lots?

We’ve handled lot sizes from single items to full railcars, but sellers usually choose to list lot sizes ranging from pallet to truckload. A full truckload is approximately 24-26 pallets of goods, and a less-than-truckload (“LTL”) lot will be as many as 12 pallets. The footprint of a standard pallet is 48” x 40” with the heights varying based upon the contents.

Keep in mind that depending on the inventory type, a pallet could contain anywhere from a single large item (like an appliance) to several thousand small items (such as jewelry). Whenever possible, you should include a rough estimate of unit numbers in your listing.

Note too that while large lots might be more efficient for your operations, they are often less attractive to smaller buyers. We recommend experimenting with lot size to see what produces the best auction results.

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