More and more consumers are returning items to large retailers due to the volume of online shopping taking place (ecommerce brings a 30% return rate) as well as  more lenient return policies. In fact, people like The Krazy Coupon Lady have written articles about Target’s return policies and how easy it may be to return something there.

But Target’s relaxed return policy means big opportunity for business buyers and resellers of returned and excess stock! 

Are you looking to purchase returned items from Target by the pallet or even the truckload? Many items – instead of going back on primary shelves- are sold in bulk including baby items, toys, footwear, handbags, women’s apparel and even patio furniture.

A wide variety of today’s top retailers like Target, Walmart, Lowe’s and Best Buy are working with B-Stock to build their own B2B marketplaces where they are selling their liquidation inventory  directly to small business buyers and resellers (versus using a third party liquidator). You can check out all the auctions currently listed on Target’s Liquidation marketplace here.   

Learn more about why sourcing goods directly through a retailer’s online liquidation platform is best and most cost effective way to purchase returned items by the pallet or truckload directly from Target and other top retailers.

How to buy pallets or truckloads of returns from Target

To buy inventory from Target Liquidation Auctions, you will need a resale certificate which allows you, the reseller, to purchase the goods tax free (read more on resale certificates). After you have your resale certificate, you’ll need to apply to the Target Marketplace. Tip: Check out our Buying Basics Series, starting with How to Become a B-Stock Buyer).

How to source Target’s returned products

Target Liquidation Auctions will show you what bulk purchases are currently available. For instance, if Target currently has a large lot of items it is liquidating, it will likely be sold by the truckload. You will be able to see what types of items, like clothing, electronics, furniture, rugs, sporting goods, pet supplies and baby products, are included in the auction lot by reading the manifest.

The size of the auction lot up for bid can range from a pallet, a half truckload to a truckload, or even a small quantity (like one pallet) of kitchenware or children’s apparel.

Buying liquidation straight from the retailer’s online auction will help ensure you get high-quality merchandise free of product poaching or markups from a third party liquidator. This will help you turn a higher profit margin. 

If buying Target liquidation sounds like the right move for your business, head over to Target Liquidation Auctions to register. You can also contact B-Stock with any questions on getting started. 

About B-Stock

B-Stock is the world’s largest online marketplace for returned, excess and other liquidation merchandise. Our customers range from SMB to the world’s largest brands and retailers (including nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers). Led by eBay veterans, B-Stock completes over 150,000 transactions per year, selling 70 million items annually. The amount of inventory that is returned or unsold each year is growing rapidly. In 2018, the value of this merchandise was estimated at $500 billion. Much of it ends up being liquidated for pennies on the dollar; some of it is even destroyed or landfilled. We believe there is tremendous value in and demand for this inventory – no matter the category, condition or location. The B-Stock platform gives buyers a simple and direct way to buy valuable products, and offers sellers a trusted replacement for traditional liquidation and a critical boost in operational efficiency.

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