By now the news of the T-Mobile & Sprint merger has made the rounds. But what does it really mean for the industry and for 5G technology? Here now, we review the main points made by T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure: think, jobs, competition, and investments.

  1. The new T-Mobile will create many thousands of new jobs for the purpose of 5G technology development.
  2. The new T-Mobile’s 5G technology will position the U.S. as a leader.
  3. The merger will allow for 30x more capacity than what is available today with speeds up to 100x faster.
  4. 5G tech is necessary to fuel the next wave of mobile innovation, which will lead to a huge economic stimulus.
  5. Industry lines are blurring: video, broadband, and wireless are merging. AT&T is the #1 TV provider; Comcast added more prepaid phone customers last year than AT&T and Verizon combined; Charter is launching Spectrum Wireless this year.
  6. The combined company and the coming tech should drive down prices in rural America for businesses and consumers.
  7. 51% of Americans currently only have one option for their wireless provider, this merger would change that. It will create choice and competition in America.
  8. The combined company will invest $40B in business over the next three years, spurring a huge wave of investment and economic stimulus and will create competition and jobs.