Walmart has been using its B-Stock powered private marketplace to liquidate customer returned big screen TV’s for several years. For our buyers with the ability to deal with this type of inventory, the site is one of their favorite, steady sources of inventory. They know they will find great product at great prices that they can turn around quickly and make nice margins.

We often are asked by new buyers about the quality grading system and how they will know what to expect in any lot they purchase. Every graded TV is inspected by a third party and graded according to a quality checklist. This results in each unit receiving a grade of A, B, C or D. While there are detailed requirements to receive each grade, generally the grades imply the following:

A: TV’s have no defects on viewing screen. No blemishes on bezel or case – Like New
B: TV’s have no defects on viewing screen. Minor blemishes on bezel or case
C: TV’s have minor viewing screen defects that aren’t visible when the TV is on. Major blemishes on bezel and case such as scratches, scuffs, and gouges, but with no major cracks
D: TV’s have major viewing screen defects that are visible when the TV is on. Major blemishes on bezel and case such as scratches, scuffs and gouges

Every lot is accompanied by a full manifest that itemizes every TV included. This includes the brand, size, original retail price, model number, serial number, and a brief description of what was found in the inspection. Examples of the description include:

“Scuffs on frame surrounding screen”
“No remote”
“Won’t turn off”
“No faults found”

Buyers will find all the information they need to accurately value each load to arrive at the right price for their business based on their known costs to refurbish and remarket the units at an adequate margin, which is great for liquidation tv buyers.

Finally, our buyers love that they are buying these units directly from Walmart. Although B-Stock helps administer the site, we do not touch the inventory or in any way take title to it. The transaction is between Walmart and excess inventory buyers.

If buying Walmart’s returned TV’s is something you believe is right for your business, check out Walmart Liquidations for TV’s and other Walmart returns inventory. Best of luck in the bidding!

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