To remain competitive in today’s fickle retail environment, you need to stay ahead of the times—this includes finding new and better ways to handle returned and excess inventory. Traditional methods for selling liquidation inventory are becoming increasingly outdated; there is a more profitable way to recover revenue on overstock, damaged or returned products. Read on to learn more about  what major organizations, including nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers, are doing to increase margins on b-stock inventory.

Traditional methods equal traditional results

You most likely stopped using a typewriter once a computer became available and you probably stopped mailing invoices when you discovered email could do the job quicker, easier and cheaper. These technological advances brought efficiency to an antiquated process. The same can be said to how companies approach liquidation: using manual methods like negotiating via phone or faxing spreadsheets to a handful of buyers will always leave money on the table.

New methods equal new results

By ditching manual methods and automating the liquidation process, via a web-based solution, companies can bring efficiency and create a strategic business advantage. Nine of the top 10 retailers, among hundreds of others, are leveraging B-Stock’s web-based solutions to increase recovery and improve velocity for their liquidation inventory. This includes launching customized online auction marketplaces or leveraging our multi-seller liquidation marketplace, B-Stock Supply. These solutions allow buyers to compete for your inventory, pushing prices up versus negotiating a rock-bottom price with one or two buyers, offline. What’s more, retailers have complete control over the process, including logo usage and dictating who the product is sold to (for example, you might only want it sold to an exporter).

Here’s how B-Stock works

B-Stock’s team of online marketplace and liquidation experts will be with you throughout the process to ensure you’re getting the tools, data and information you need to generate the highest recovery possible. This includes a dedicated Account Manager to help you launch and grow, a marketing team to help you promote and drive demand, and a full support staff to help you troubleshoot. Here’s a quick snapshot on how the pre-through-post-auction process works:

  • You send B-Stock an inventory listing (list bulk quantities of inventory- from a pallet to a full truckload, across any condition or product category)
  • B-Stock reviews and launches your listing: it will appear as an auction with a start and end time
  • B-Stock promotes your auction  across our vetted buyer base (or to a predetermined list of buyers approved by you)
  • The auction takes place: watch in real time as buyers bid against each other to purchase your excess inventory
  • When the auction ends, B-Stock invoices the buyer and collects funds via wire transfer
  • B-Stock sends a PO to you, documenting the sale
  • You  arrange shipping with the buyer or use one of B-Stock’s logistics partners to manage the process

Getting started with B-Stock

In today’s competitive business climate, organizations can’t afford to utilize old-school manual methods for liquidating their returned and excess inventory. If you’re ready to increase pricing on your liquidation merchandise by 30 to 80%, we’d love to talk with you.

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