Out with the old and in with the new this season on B-Stock! As the warmer weather approaches, the countdown to spring begins. This means there is no better time to start sourcing spring inventory. Businesses can purchase seasonal merchandise and stock their shelves in preparation for the retail season change.

Our spring season is bringing fresh finds for liquidation buyers across all categories! Apparel, health & beauty, home & garden, sporting goods, and more are hitting B-Stock marketplaces. Your resale business can take advantage of deeply discounted merchandise from some of the biggest retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and JCPenny, among others. We’ll cover some of the top categories to look out for so you can start preparing now.

Spring inventory essentials


From long winter nights to breezy spring afternoons, wardrobes need to adjust these next few months. In this case, jackets and scarves are being traded in for warmer weather clothes like sundresses, shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, sandals, sneakers, accessories, and athleticwear. Fine jewelry and watches make for happy shoppers, too! With the rise in eCommerce and increasingly flexible retail return policies, liquidation apparel never disappoints.

For men’s, women’s, children & baby, you can find quality DOT COM returns, overstock, and more that fits your resale business’ needs. Shop spring essentials on Last Chance Auctions, JCPenney Liquidation Auctions, Zulily Liquidation Auctions, Lands’ End Liquidation Auctions, Sears Overstock Auctions, and Costco Wholesale Liquidation Auctions.

Health & Beauty

Refresh your skin and beauty routine for the spring. Cosmetics, serums, moisturizers, sunscreens, sprays, allergy medicines, razors, and other health and beauty essentials will help consumers with the changing seasons. Moreover, liquidation health & beauty is oftentimes brand new, retail-ready inventory!

Round out your spring inventory with health and beauty must-haves from marketplaces like Unilever Liquidation Auctions, Revlon Brands Auctions, Amazon Liquidation Auctions, and B-Stock Supply.

Home & Garden

Spring cleaning starts now. And with the right home and garden inventory, you can spruce up the house and patio in more ways than one. Source bedding, small appliances, cushions and upholstery, tools and hardware, decor, kitchenware, and other household items on our home and garden marketplaces.

Whether it’s the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bath, every room is fair game when spring cleaning hits! Head over to Amazon Liquidation Auctions, Target Auctions Liquidation, Costco Appliances & Home Liquidation Auctions, and Lowe’s Liquidation for the best home and garden auctions.

Sporting Goods

Hibernating for the winter season is over! It’s time to head outside with sports and outdoor inventory. Source exercise equipment, bikes, ride ons, basketballs, golf clubs, drones, scooters, toys, and outdoor cooking essentials this spring!

You don’t want to leave your customers empty-handed while they shop for sporting goods. Register on marketplaces like DICK’s Sporting Goods Liquidations, Costco Appliances & Home Liquidation Auctions, Walmart Liquidation Auctions, and The Home Depot Liquidation Auctions.

Start sourcing for spring early!

The early bird catches the worm! In this case…spring inventory, that is! You want to stay ahead of your competition and be stocked and ready for when spring hits. Your resale business can source all the spring essentials that customers are looking for on B-Stock. The countdown to spring is on now.

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