Say goodbye to the traditional appliance liquidators who you’ve dealt with in the past. B-Stock is your new appliance destination! 

Keep reading if you are: 

  • An appliances outlet store owner
  • Someone who exports appliances
  • Sourcing parts and salvage appliances 
  • Have a retail store and are looking to offer discount appliances 
  • Looking for appliance auctions to meet inventory needs

Read on for an overview of marketplaces that carry liquidation appliances, appliance auctions near you, and the numbers you’ll want to know.

Why Buy Liquidation Appliances on B-Stock? 

B-Stock’s appliance marketplaces offer product velocity that can’t be found elsewhere. With a valid reseller’s certificate, you can get access to hundreds of auctions from leading manufacturers and retailers. Overstock and returns range – from units with high-end features to every models! Used appliances, as well as newer ones, are very profitable and can be easily acquired on B-Stock.

These are the benefits of buying liquidation appliances on B-Stock:

  • New auctions listed every week 
  • Flexible lot sizes from truckloads to LTLs 
  • Buy in bulk and at a fraction of the MSRP 
  • Most lots come with a manifest for transparency 
  • Inventory doesn’t go through any middlemen
  • Brands like LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool Frigidaire, Thermador, and more! 

Facilities Across the US 

Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, GE, and Whirlpool have facilities across the US.  When you shop from facilities that are closer to your business, your inventory travels fewer miles to get to you. Click the image below to enlarge the map and view appliance facilities near you.Liquidation appliance across the US!

Appliances Marketplace Data

If you’re looking for volume and velocity, you’ll find them on our appliance marketplaces. Take a look at our appliance auctions by the numbers! 

Appliances on B-Stock: A look at the numbers

  • 300-350 appliance auctions closing each week
  • 230-250 of LTLs across appliance marketplaces
  • 50-100 of FTL across appliance marketplaces
  • Average retail per unit: $500-800

You can meet your bottom line and bid on auctions throughout the week, fulfilling your inventory needs one truckload at a time. 

Next, let’s talk about the brands and manufacturers you can find in these appliance auctions.

Shop leading appliance brands and manufacturers!

Appliance buyers can find the high-tech features and everyday models across B-Stock marketplaces. Customers can find brands like LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Thermador, and more! 

Leading appliance brands and manufacturers on B-Stock

Overview of Appliance Marketplaces

Best Buy Liquidation Auctions

  • Auctions start between $1-$100
  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Overstock & scratch and dent condition
  • Floor loaded shipments

Costco Appliances

  • Auctions start between $1-$100
  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Overstock & scratch and dent condition
  • Floor loaded & palletized shipments

GE Appliances Liquidation Auctions

  • Auctions start between $1-$100
  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Scratch and dent condition
  • Floor loaded shipments

Lowe’s Liquidation

  • Auctions start between $1-$100
  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Scratch and dent condition
  • Floor loaded shipments

The Home Depot Liquidations Auction

  • Auctions start between $1-$100
  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Overstock condition
  • Floor loaded shipments

Whirlpool Second Channel Marketplace

  • Full truckloads
  • Facilities across the US
  • Scratch and dent condition
  • Floor loaded shipments

Marketplace breakdown… 

Costco Appliances 

Bid on major appliances from top brands like LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Affordable, everyday models, plus high-end features that buyers are looking for like stackable laundry units, or refrigerators with Bluetooth capabilities and French doors. Appliance auctions open every week on the Costco Appliances marketplace, so don’t waste any time bidding on this site! 

Costco appliances near you:

Washington Ohio  Utah
California Georgia Michigan
Colorado Florida Pennsylvania
Texas North Carolina Arizona
Illinois New Jersey

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GE Appliances Liquidation Auctions

GE-approved buyers can bid on truckload quantities of kitchen and laundry appliances from brands including GE, GE Café, and GE Profile. All merchandise is scratch and dent and comes with a one-year functional warranty. It doesn’t get more direct than that! Keep this household name inventory in stock and bid for scratch and dent inventory for your brick-and-mortar store today. 

GE appliances near you: 

Texas Kentucky Florida
Ohio Indiana California
Nevada Illinois Arizona
Maryland Geogira

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Whirlpool Second Channel Marketplace

Whirlpool-approved buyers can bid on customer-returned, scratch and dent Whirlpool refrigerators, washers & dryers, microwaves, stoves, and more. Whirlpool has its own grade of conditions on inventory which can easily be viewed on the Whirlpool Conditions page

Whirlpool appliances near you: 

Washington Oregon Iowa
Utah Ohio Georgia
Texas Maryland Florida
Tennessee Indiana California
Pennsylvania Illinois

Whirlpool is not accepting new registrations at this time.

Lowe’s Liquidation

Lowe’s is a leading retailer in not just home and garden, but appliances, too. On Lowe’s Liquidation, buyers can bid and buy scratch and dent appliances and returns like stainless-steel refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and more! Lowe’s has facilities across the US, so buyers have access to liquidation appliances from the east coast all the way to the west coast! 

Lowe’s appliances near you: 

Arizona North Carolina Texas New York Florida
Illinois Pennsylvania Tennessee Mississippi Colorado
Kansas South Carolina Oregon Massachusetts California
Missouri Washington Ohio Georgia Alabama

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The Home Depot Liquidations Auction

High-level overview:

The Home Depot Liquidations Auction has appliances from leading manufacturers in the appliance space. You can buy customer-returned and overstock small appliances in quantities that suit your business needs. Easily view cosmetic condition, functionality, product type, and more on the lot manifest and bid for discounted appliances! 

Home Depot appliances near you: 

Illinois Georgia Arizona
Indiana Pennsylvania Washington

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Best Buy Liquidation Auctions

Best Buy offers wholesale appliance returns and overstock in “new” or “like-new” conditions. Resellers can get great prices with an auction setup and save on per-unit costs when ordering truckloads of appliances. You can find all the leading brands on Best Buy Liquidation Auctions like Samsung, Viking, Thermador, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, and more!

Best Buy appliances near you: 

Colorado Texas Missouri Kentucky
Florida Washington Minnesota  Georgia
Illinois New York  Maryland California
Ohio New Jersey Massachusetts Arizona

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Shipping Appliance Truckloads and LTLs

Shipping these large appliances will be more difficult than other small items—and will be more costly. Luckily, B-Stock offers truckload and LTL auctions. Truckload buying can save on per-unit costs with more efficient stacking of appliances. When you purchase goods in bulk, you pay less than shipping each individual item or series of items. 

LTL auctions are also worthwhile if you’re limited by space. You can start with a more manageable amount of units, this if helpful if you’re just filling a few inventory gaps. Check out the average number of units you can find in a full truckload versus less-than-truckload auctions across our appliance marketplaces.

Full Truckload (FTL)

  • FTLs contain 42 units* on average

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

  • LTLs contain 23 units* on average

*2022 data. Includes all appliance category types eg. major appliances kitchen, laundry, mixed, microwaves, etc. 

As a reminder: most appliance auctions are floor loaded. Meaning, inventory won’t come palletized or require specific equipment to unload. While some marketplaces will offer palletized lots from specific locations, this is not the most common method for shipping appliances. 

Scratch and dent, returned, and overstock appliances

Uniform conditions across most appliance marketplaces! 

B-Stock auctions don’t leave you guessing. We have uniform conditions across most appliance marketplaces! It is important to understand the distinction between inventory types, as well.  

Top conditions on B-Stock: 

  • Used – Fair: Merchandise with heavy signs of use from handling and/or customer exposure that is likely in need of repair prior to resale.
  • Used – Good: Merchandise with signs of use from handling and/or customer exposure that is sellable without repairs needed.
  • Like New: Unsold merchandise with minimal signs of handling.

Appliance auctions feature image samples of what merchandise in that condition looks like. 

Conditions on the Whirlpool Second Channel Marketplace

Scratch and dent appliances

The term scratch and dent refers to slight cosmetic damages to the exterior of the merchandise. These scratches and dents only affect the aesthetics of the product, but not the overall functionality. On B-Stock, these are defined as: Unused merchandise with signs of handling and/or warehouse exposure that is sellable without repairs needed.

Scratch and dent appliances from Costco and Lowe’s, for example, could have been returned due to slight cosmetic damage that occurred during shipping. This can be a headache for retailers but is good news for buyers looking for discounted appliances! The chain effect of  customers sending back scratch and dented inventory to retailers and manufacturers for a shiny, new unit, results in liquidation appliances. Buyers like you can bid on scratch and dent appliances in perfect working order, at pennies on the dollar. 

Overstock appliances 

Buyers can also have access to overstock appliances. On B-Stock, overstock or ‘New Condition’ is defined as: Unsold merchandise with no signs of use. Surplus appliances could include old or obsolete models, inventory that didn’t sell in stores, or have been sitting in the warehouse too long. Bidding may be higher for overstock goods, but the resale value is naturally higher. However, in a pinch, most customers won’t mind a scratch or dent if they’re getting a good enough discount! Or, if the cosmetic damage won’t go noticed in a space like a laundry room.   

Start shopping liquidation appliances on B-Stock today!

B-Stock marketplaces have you covered on major appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, cooktops, dishwashers, and more. With flexible lot sizes, a transparent auction setup, and auctions closing daily, you’ll find no shortage of inventory. Register, get approved, and buy today directly from retailers’ liquidation marketplaces

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