Mark your calendars! To celebrate the Costco Bonus Auctions Event event, Costco is running a week full of bonus auctions from Monday, January 10 until Friday, January 14. Register on the Costco Liquidation Marketplace so you don’t miss out! Better yet, if appliances and home goods are more your thing, you can register to the Costco Appliances & Home Marketplace! Canadian buyers can participate too, simply register on the Costco Liquidation Auctions Canada marketplace.

Held each January and July, Costco Bonus Auctions is a 5-day event with a large spike in auctions hitting Costco marketplaces. This time the event will include the Costco Appliances and Costco Canada marketplaces, giving you access to even more auctions in more categories. There is no better time to get your resale business ready for the year ahead than during the Costco Bonus Auctions Event.

What is the Costco Bonus Auctions Event?

During this 5-day event, buyers can find more auctions, more inventory, and save money on brand-name merchandise. Find a high volume of auctions being listed on both Costco and Costco Appliances & Home marketplaces with a range of categories like apparel, home & garden, computers, electronics, appliances, and more. In addition to this, inventory that is only available to Canadian buyers on the Costco Canada marketplace.

When is the Costco Bonus Auctions Event?

Buyers can take advantage of this inventory surge from January 10-14. Kickstart the first half of the year strong with quality liquidated merchandise from Costco!

Why should you get excited?

Costco is a household name that shoppers know and trust. With three Costco marketplaces, you have even more bonus auctions to get excited about! Not only is the Costco Liquidations Marketplace a one-stop-shop for consumer favorites and brand-name inventory, but now you can get even more great appliance and home goods-specific inventory from Costco Appliances & Home Marketplace! With more auctions to choose from, you have a greater chance of placing that winning bid! And whether you’re looking in a range of categories, or want to focus on one, you’re sure to find the inventory your business needs.

And Canadian buyers don’t have to miss out either! With our Costco Liquidation Auctions Canada marketplace, you can explore auctions closer to you and directly from Costco. This marketplace is only open to buyers within Canada. Please visit their FAQ page for exclusions and shipping information.

What can you expect?

While we can’t quite predict the future, we expect to see returned merchandise from 2021’s most popular consumer categories at the Costco Bonus Auctions Event. This post-holiday time just means shoppers will continue to buy what’s been in demand during the height of the holiday shopping season. Think apparel, home and garden goods, appliances, consumer electronics, tech, and furniture– both indoor and outdoor.

With a new year comes new goals. As a reseller, you should make sure you have a variety of inventory that your customers will need. Shoppers are updating their winter wardrobes, setting new goals for the semester, or kicking off the year with a new wellness routine.

Costco Truckload Discount Savings Program

You don’t want to miss ways to save on shipping either. With this increase in listings, this is the perfect time to take advantage of Costco’s Truckload Discount Savings program. This program allows you to save on shipping when you buy 20 pallets or more within 48 hours shipping out of the same warehouse! Check the link for more details.

Check out the Costco Wholesale FAQ section for questions we often get about the Costco Wholesale Liquidation Auctions marketplace. Register and get ready to place your bids during January’s Bonus Auctions Event. If you can’t wait, start shopping today and head over to Costco Liquidations Marketplace, Costco Appliances & Home Marketplace, or Costco Liquidation Auctions Canada.  You can view their live auctions going on right now!

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