Beat the heat this summer with more inventory just for you. To celebrate the Costco Bonus Auctions Event, Costco is running a week full of bonus auctions from Monday, August 14 until Friday, August 18. The week ends with a discounted shipping promotion!

Register on the Costco Liquidation Marketplace so you don’t miss out! Connoisseurs of appliances can also register on the Costco Appliances Marketplace

What is the Costco Bonus Auctions Event?

During this 5-day event, buyers can find more auctions, more inventory, and save money on brand-name merchandise. Find a high volume of auctions listed on Costco and Costco Appliances marketplaces with a range of categories like apparel, home & garden, computers, electronics, appliances, and more. 

When is the Costco Bonus Auctions Event?

Buyers can take advantage of this inventory surge from August 14-18. Is inventory running low after the holidays? Now is your chance to bid on quality liquidated merchandise from Costco.

Why should you get excited?

Held each January and midyear mark, Costco Bonus Auctions is a 5-day event with a large spike in auctions hitting Costco marketplaces. The event will even include the Costco Appliances marketplace, giving you access to more auctions in more categories. Your resale business can gather momentum to take on the second half of the year strong by participating in the Costco Bonus Auctions Event.

Costco is a household name that shoppers know and trust. With both Costco marketplaces, you have even more bonus auctions to get excited about! Not only is the Costco Liquidations Marketplace a one-stop shop for consumer favorites and brand-name merchandise, but now you can get even more great appliance-specific inventory from Costco Appliances Marketplace. With more auctions to choose from, you have a greater chance of placing that winning bid! And whether you’re looking in a range of categories, or want to focus on one, you’re sure to find the inventory your business needs.

What can you expect?

While we can’t quite predict the future, we expect to see returned merchandise from 2023’s most popular consumer categories at the Costco Bonus Auctions Event. There will be plenty of seasonal returns hitting the B-Stock platform during the second half of the year. Think apparel, home and garden goods, appliances, consumer electronics, tech, and furniture – both indoor and outdoor.

The holidays are quickly approaching, so sourcing inventory early is key! As a reseller, you should make sure you have a good mix of seasonal merchandise and whatever goods your customers normally expect. As consumers ride out the summer, they will be looking for deals on warmer weather apparel and back-to-school tech and electronics. Not to mention, furniture and appliances for hosting family and friends at home. Think of what you can offer them for the months ahead! 

Costco Truckload Discount Savings Program

You don’t want to miss ways to save on shipping either. With this increase in listings, this is the perfect time to take advantage of Costco’s Truckload Discount Savings program. Check the link for more details.

Check out the Costco Wholesale FAQ section for questions we often get about the Costco Wholesale Liquidation Auctions marketplace. Register now so you’re ready to go when the event begins. If you can’t wait, start shopping today and head over to Costco Liquidations Marketplace or Costco Appliances Marketplace,  You can view live auctions going on right now!

Andrea Vargas

Andrea is the lead content writer for B-Stock Solutions, the largest online network of B2B liquidation marketplaces. She specializes in creating buyer resources and tools for entrepreneurs and power buyers looking for liquidated merchandise.

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Amberly Bliss, Owner

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"I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk when you’re first starting out."

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