This week we launched the new Sam’s Club auction site on the B-Stock platform! This launch is the culmination of some great work done by the B-Stock and Sam’s Club teams. After a long history of operating on the former Fairmarket platform (acquired by eBay in 2003), the Sam’s Club auction site has successfully transitioned to the new B-Stock B2C platform with loads of new front-end usability enhancements for buyers and back-end, administrative features that will make operating the site even more efficient for the Sam’s team.

Sam’s Club uses the site as their online outlet, to move brand new, overstocked inventory that would otherwise go to liquidators. The format generates far superior recovery rates to traditional bulk liquidation and a much more engaging user experience for their members than a traditional “outlet” page. After all, shoppers still love the idea of naming their own price and getting a great deal. If you are looking for a new LCD TV, a new digital camera, or looking for appliance wholesale at an amazing price, become a Sam’s member today and start bidding!

Here is a screenshot of the new site, already cranking with 25-45 bids on the most popular items live right now.