Most of us are familiar with “Moneyball,” a book-turned-film about a Major League Baseball team’s data-driven approach to assembling a competitive roster of players, which ultimately disrupted the existing model. While not as glamorous as the MLB, the same approach of focusing on key metrics can be applied to maximizing recovery on returned, overstock and excess inventory slated for liquidation. Simply put, the answers to building a formula for success lie in the data.

So, how do you implement and sustain an effective program for customer returns and excess inventory? B-Stock Solutions’ CEO Howard Rosenberg recently contributed an article to Reverse Logistics Magazine on the topic, specifically how to apply data-driven methods to increase recovery via a B2B liquidation marketplace setting, focusing on bidder acquisition and retention, sustained competition, auction lot configuration and customer service quality.

Consider this:

  • There is a 300% increase in recovery when the number of bidders grows from under five to more than 15.
  • There is a 41% increase in final bid price when a repeat buyer wins the auction.
  • When the right bidders participate, there is a 243% increase in final price.

To read more of Howard’s article in Reverse Logistics Magazine, please click here. For more information on how B-Stock Solutions can build a successful B2B liquidation solution for your returned, overstock or excess inventory, please contact us.

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