The home appliance category primarily features washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, ovens, and dishwashers. As most of you may know, these popular home appliances are generally very pricey, especially for brand new, top of the line models.

As a result, many consumers have turned to the secondary market to find better deals on home appliances. These secondary market channels include discount retailers, outlets, eBay, online discount retailers, wholesalers, and flea markets. The secondary market channel sellers all source their home appliance inventory through the liquidation channels that major retailers and manufacturers utilize to free themselves of their excess appliance inventory. The excess home appliances inventory is primarily overstock, returned, and refurbished home appliances.

Countless home appliance retailers and manufacturers utilize liquidation services or solutions to free themselves of their surplus inventory, considering it costs more to warehouse the inventory than it does to liquidate it in bulk after their active selling period. These appliance retailers and manufacturers generally liquidate their excess inventory for a fraction of their original retail value to a few major distributors and liquidators, who in turn sells it to the secondary channels mentioned earlier, which are accessible for the general public consumers. Along the way, each part of the chain takes a cut of the profits, and increases the price for the next buyer along the secondary market supply chain.

Rather than selling to a few large liquidators who will turn around and resell the inventory to smaller retailers with a huge middleman markup, many major appliance retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club have turned to B-Stock Solutions to help them build and manage private liquidation auction marketplaces, so that they could sell directly to smaller appliance liquidation retailers through the B-Stock Sourcing Network. This provides smaller appliance retailers with direct access to the large appliance retailers and manufacturers. The appliance inventory is listed and sold at a fraction of MSRP. Appliance liquidation buyers really appreciate the fact that they can access highly discounted appliance inventory that they previously did not have access to, and can bid on the liquidation appliance inventory with confidence because they can are buying directly from the source.

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