The primary objectives of most liquidation programs should include: maximizing recovery, hitting velocity requirements and protecting the brand. While traditional methods, like selling to a liquidator, may score well on the velocity goal, remarketing to a liquidator will always leave money on the table. What’s more, it can mean a lack of control over who is eventually buying the inventory and how your brand enters the secondary market. The best solution to tackle all three objectives involves bypassing the middleman and assembling a robust base of business buyers who sell directly to consumers.

Through B-Stock’s web-based B2B liquidation marketplace platform, retailers can reach thousands of approved business buyers – interested in products across all categories and conditions – to bid directly on merchandise via online auctions. This immediately eliminates dependence on a small group of buyers. What’s more, the auctions create competition, driving up pricing.

Thousands of buyers competing via an automated auction process also allows for a faster sales cycle. Take this example – a large retailer was in need of a solution that would:  

  • Move the inventory as quickly as possible
  • Improve upon existing recovery strategies
  • Increase demand for products, across all conditions

Since partnering with B-Stock on a B2B liquidation marketplace, the retailer has increased its buyer base from a handful of liquidators to thousands of business buyers. They also added thousands of category specific buyers via auction and demand-generation strategies, including:

  • Optimizing lot sizes to meet demand
  • Offering category-specific lots
  • Targeting category-specific buyers

By establishing an automated, web-based program for returned and excess merchandise, the retailer has been able to offload the manual tasks associated with liquidation and sell large volumes of merchandise quickly and effectively.

This is just one example of many, and depending on your liquidation goal – whether it’s velocity, recovery, brand control or all three – we have a data-driven and proven solution for that.

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