We’ve made it to the golden quarter of retail—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all lie on the horizon. This year brings a new challenge to the playing field: Inflation. Business owners should prepare to make their deals more enticing than ever with consistently high inflation. A cost-effective solution to keep in mind is sourcing the right holiday liquidation inventory on B-Stock!

According to a holiday forecast from Deloitte, sales are expected to grow between 4% and 6% –  reaching $1.45 to $1.47 trillion – while last year’s shopping season saw an increase of 15.1% during the same period. While shoppers remain conscious of their budgets, it is safe to assume many will be eager to find the products they want and at a price they like. That’s where your resale business comes in! You will need to deploy your best marketing strategies and have a close eye on inventory levels this season. 

Start sourcing early this season with the right holiday liquidation inventory, plus check out a few tips to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond!

What holiday liquidation inventory should I buy?

As a business buyer, you should be aware of the top retail categories this giving season. Luckily, B-Stock has liquidation inventory from top retailers and manufacturers around the globe! Here are a few key categories to look out for:


Apparel is one of the most gifted items during the holiday season. Why? Because everyone needs a cozy layer or two for the winter months ahead. That includes loungewear and pajamas, long sleeves, wool and knit sweaters, fleece, formal dresses and suits, slacks, coats, and more. Don’t forget the accessories! Scarves, socks, boots, and hats are essential winter wear. 

Apparel marketplaces like Last Chance Auctions, HSN Liquidation, Lands’ End Liquidation, a.k.a. Brands Liquidation Auctions, and Alphabroder Liquidation Auctions are great starting points! 


Appliances work overtime during the holidays, which means upgrades and replacements will be incoming. No one wants to spend the holidays hosting their families and festivities with a broken dishwasher or low-performing oven! Thanksgiving and Black Friday shoppers may take the time to hunt for essential purchases like ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, and laundry units they need.

Overstock and scratch and dent appliances can be sourced from retailers and manufacturers like Costco Appliances & Home Liquidation Auctions, Lowe’s Liquidation, and Best Buy Liquidation Auctions.

Consumer Electronics & Mobile Phones

Almost everyone uses tech – which makes it a holiday-sourcing must! In fact, cell phones are one of the most gifted items of the season. Good thing buyers can find refurbished and used cell phones, tablets, computers, tech accessories, smart watches, home speakers, and more on our consumer electronics marketplaces like  Walmart Liquidation Auctions, Amazon Liquidation Auctions, GameStop Wholesale, Early Upgrade Auctions, and B-Stock Supply.

Home & Garden 

Families and friends alike are getting their homes ready for the holidays. When there are relatives visiting, families gathering, or simply redecorating needs, home and garden inventory will be involved. That includes home decor items such as pillows, bedding, towels, and frames, plus practical items like ottomans, couches, accent chairs, bedroom furniture, and patio sets. 

Might we suggest top home and garden marketplaces like Target Auctions Liquidation, Lowe’s Liquidation, Herman Miller Liquidation Auctions, and Wayfair Liquidation Auctions?

Stocking stuffers 

Health and beauty products make for great stocking stuffers! That includes anything from self-care products like lotions, body sprays, nail polish, and skincare products. For shoppers looking to pamper their loved ones, you can add jewelry, candles, slippers, and blankets to the list! Browse auctions from marketplaces like Unilever Liquidation Auctions, RB Health Liquidation Auctions, MODO Liquidation Auctions, and Revlon Brands Auctions

Tips to prepare your resale business for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond!

Is your resale business ready to tackle the holiday 2022 shopping season? We have three tips to keep in mind:

1. Start sourcing early

The key to preparing for these major shopping holidays is starting early. If you order inventory early, you give yourself enough time to prepare for the shipment, inspect, organize, and list your merchandise before the sales commence!

Browse Live Auctions

2. Invest in tools of the trade

There are tools your business can use to ensure this holiday selling season goes as smoothly as possible. To name a few, Shopify and QuickBooks. Shopify can track inventory levels and send notifications for stock that is running low. For online sellers, you can also list inventory with available plug-ins. QuickBooks is another good tool for basic and advanced bookkeeping. Check out more business and inventory management tools here

3. Plan seasonal promotions

Once you have secured your inventory, it’s essential to make a plan for how you will market and sell it. Start getting the word out early and utilize email, digital ads, and social media. If you have a retail location, you may even want to consider radio or print ads to drum up foot traffic in your local area. We summarize more holiday marketing ideas in this blog.

Wrap up the shopping season on B-Stock! 

This holiday season is set to be an interesting one! Good thing your resale business can fulfill all of its holiday liquidation inventory needs on B-Stock. We give buyers access to top retailers’ and manufacturers’ excess, returns, and other liquidation inventory. Start early and wrap up the shopping season on B-Stock!


Editorial Team


B-Stock Editorial Team

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Retail Deals

"I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk when you’re first starting out."

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