The Challenge:

A Fortune 500 Home Improvement retailer had been receiving a high number of returned appliances back from its customers. At first, the retailer placed these items back on the show floor at deeply discounted prices, but over time, they noticed products were coming back with visible damage. To avoid hurting its reputation as a quality retailer, clearing valuable space, and score great recovery rates, the business set out to find a liquidation solution that could handle the growing number of returns.

The Solution:

B-Stock launched a branded, private B2B liquidation marketplace for the retailer, where they would be able to quickly and efficiently sell truckload-sized lots from their warehouses to more business buyers than they thought possible. This high number of buyers would increase competition over these lots, bringing in the highest recovery rates possible.


Just days after launch, thousands of new buyers were registered to bid on the retailer’s unsold appliances. New levels of demand ensured they could move out inventory and make space in their warehouses as quickly as they needed to—and functional but damaged goods would no longer threaten their hard-won image. Finally, with our expert advice on lot optimization, this partner increased pricing by an impressive 42%.

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