B-Stock is pleased to announce we’ve joined the CTIA Working Group dedicated to Reverse Logistics & Service Quality (RLSQ). Through this membership we’ll collaborate alongside a select group of top wireless retailers and OEMS who are thought leaders and influencers in the wireless industry.

With the secondary mobile market booming, and B-Stock on the forefront of shaping the industry, we look forward to working with other influencers and decision makers to create, promote and enforce new standards that will have a significant impact on the secondary wireless industry.

Our Vice President of Mobile, Sean Cleland—already recognized as an industry thought leader—will be the one to help develop these future initiatives, “We will drive our clients to meet the guidelines of the RLSQ by maintaining marketplaces that uphold a gold standard for the industry to follow.”

These standards will allow a consistent experience for business buyers who purchase bulk quantities of trade-in and excess mobile phones; this includes universal conditions and accurate manifests among other things. B-Stock is already leading the way via our 10+ marketplaces dedicated to mobile devices.

For wireless providers and manufacturers, and large buyback companies, a consistent buyer experience means a higher repeat buyer rate, a willingness to pay higher prices for higher quality product and a reduction in customer service requests. It also means gaining a higher recovery rate on their secondary market mobile devices so they can mitigate the cost impact of processing returns.

You can learn more about CTIA here.

To learn more about B-Stock’s role in shaping the mobile secondary market or the solutions we provide to wireless companies and manufacturers, drop us an email.

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