How to complete the resale certificate through the B-Stock Platform

NOTE: You will need your FEIN/SSN from the IRS and your sales tax number from your state to complete these steps.

  1. Log into your B-Stock account using your email address and password.
  2. Click ‘My Account’ in the top right and choose ‘Business Profile’.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ or the pencil icon under ‘Action’
  4. Enter in your business information in the required fields.

  5. Click ‘Submit’ and it will generate a resale certificate.

  6. Use your mouse to click and drag to create an eSignature. 
  7. Enter in your title at your business, such as CEO, Owner, Manager, etc. 
  8. Check the box stating you acknowledge the signature drawn will be attached and applied to the resale certificate. You are also agreeing to periodically review and revise the information to ensure the tax information entered is valid. 
  9. Click ‘Submit’.

Once you click submit, it will take you back to the Business Profile page and the Status will be moved to ‘In Review’.

A B-Stock agent will check your document and update it to the correct status based on our review. 

Note: Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi will be given the opportunity to upload the resale certificate provided directly from the state.

Additional Notes:

If your business is not registered in the United States, please do not check that you are registered as a US Reseller. Check “no” and it will guide you through the correct process flow. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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