When it comes to customer returns, not all are created equal. Depending on the retailer’s return policy, some merchandise will be taken back even if extremely used, damaged or in salvage condition. This is particularly the case with in-store returns: a face-to-face explanation of why a worn out item isn’t needed anymore (despite its heavy use and lack of original packaging) is more likely to result in refund.

A DOT COM return on the other hand is typically much better quality: often the original packaging is intact or it may be brand new/unopened. There are a few reasons for this including the propensity of a consumer to order two or three styles of the same thing and send back the ones that don’t work or the item may have been shipped incorrectly/undelivered. Additionally, buyers are more careful when returning online purchases: they want to ship it back complete to ensure a full credit.

So, why does this matter to you, the secondary market buyer? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • You can assume DOT COM returns are consistently worth more: the higher quality the item, the more you can sell it for
  • There is less work required to package and prepare DOT COM items for resale
  • Because of their quality, DOT COM returns are suitable across all sales channels: online, flea market, brick and mortar, discount store, etc.
  • There are more SKUs available: there is typically more inventory available online which directly correlates to the amount of returns

As ecommerce continues its explosive growth and more and more merchandise shifts from in store to online, there will be a subsequent rise in DOT COM returns and, beyond that, the opportunity for secondary market buyers to source it.

With so many retailers launching their own B2B liquidation marketplaces (many of which have dedicated sections for DOT COM returns) it has never been easier to purchase liquidation inventory directly from the source. For a look at the retail marketplaces B-Stock operates, please visit our Marketplaces page.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DOT COM inventory available from one of our Fortune 500 Home Improvement retailers, this presentation will highlight the various categories available.

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