The Challenge:

Wayfair, a top online destinations for home furnishings, was growing fast. Following strong sales, the retailer found itself with a high volume of customer returns. Selling these large quantities of furniture, home décor, and other household items to a small group of traditional liquidators wasn’t clearing out inventory fast enough or creating enough competition to extract high recovery prices.

Seeking a liquidation solution that could scale with its primary business, Wayfair turned to B-Stock.

The Solution:

To address these goals, B-Stock launched a business-to-business marketplace for the brand, enabling buyers from around the globe to bid directly on truckload-sized lots of excess product. B-Stock offered Wayfair data-backed auction strategies to maximize price, included optimizing lot configurations and adjusting the time and frequency of auctions. Further, B-Stock’s marketing and PR teams helped to continuously drive new buyers to the marketplace, increasing competition to keep prices high.

The Results:

With the launch of its new B2B marketplace, Wayfair moved from relying on just a few traditional liquidators to engaging thousands of business buyers—a change leading to a 138% increase in sales volume. Further, the furniture retailer saw a healthy 31% increase in overall recovery rate, freeing up cash value which was formerly tied up in surplus stock.

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