The mobile secondary market is in the early stages of development. New rules are currently being written and it’s important to stay current with the latest information. What is decided today will have an impact on how business is conducted tomorrow. Two of the trending topics in the mobile secondary market are R2 certification and universal conditioning. This article takes a look at how B-Stock is working with wireless companies to help define how universal conditioning will be used in this quickly growing market (despite rumors that mobile phones are dead).

Meet Sean Cleland, B-Stock’s Director of Mobile. His experience includes working with a Fortune 500 consumer electronics retailer to create a new department dedicated to reselling used phones and devices. It was Sean’s responsibility to help the retailer come up with universal conditioning codes by which to rate the value of a device; the goal was to make the buying process as transparent as possible. But the process for defining universal condition codes on a global level can become quite complex. For this to work, Sean understands that the codes require simplification and ease of use.

Per Sean: “Complexity may grow over time, but as a baseline, our simple understanding is the following…”

 A Grade Like New OEM Quality, May Have OEM Packaging & Accessories, Data Cleared B Grade Very Good Minor Scratches, Screen is Perfect, Fully Functional & Data Cleared C Grade Used Scratches & Scuffs, Screen May Have Scratch, Fully Functional & Data Cleared D Grade Broken Obvious Cosmetic Damage, Functional Issues, Data Cleared F Grade Salvage For Parts or Recycle, May Not be Data Cleared, Requires Certification(s)

As part of the process of developing and defining universal code conditions, Sean and the mobile team at B-Stock are meeting with major wireless providers with the goal of establishing universal codes.

Have a question for or interested in meeting Sean? He attends most the mobile-focused tradeshows and participates on panels throughout the year. Next up: CES in Las Vegas (January) and after that, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February).

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