‘Tis the season of returns. For retailers, this is the stuff post-holiday nightmares are made of. For resourceful resellers, however, this can be a profitable time. B-Stock Solutions CEO, Howard Rosenberg, recently participated in a Q&A with Ecommerce Bytes and offered advice on How to Use Product Returns as an Ecommerce Opportunity.

First, he strongly recommends that anyone looking to buy and then resell, do their homework. For example, he says, “if you are selling refurbished electronics, take a look at what the competition is selling, and how much buyer demand exists.” Margin opportunities definitely exist for smart buyers who do their homework and bid carefully to make money.

Within the article, Rosenberg offers up three tips of advice to buyers looking to get into the business of selling returned and excess merchandise:

1) Buy the inventory directly from the source. By purchasing directly from the retailer or manufacturer there is no middleman attempting to profit from your purchase.

2) Source online from reputable sellers whose primary business is not to profit on your purchase. If a seller’s entire business depends on their making money on your purchase, they have too much incentive to take actions detrimental to you.

3) Do your homework to understand what you are purchasing. You must read descriptions carefully and understand the sellers’ terms of sale.

For more information on how to turn retail returns into an ecommerce opportunity, check out the full ECommerce Bytes article. For more information on B-Stock,  .