It’s no secret: moms ROCK. In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we asked employees to share some sweet sentiments about what makes their mom – or the mom of their kid(s) – so great. Here is what our team had to say: 


Happy Mother’s Day! (from at least 6 feet away) Good news/bad news here. I couldn’t find you any toilet paper, and I still struggle with folding a fitted sheet, but overall, I think I turned out pretty alright!

Growing up I saw first hand how hard of a worker you were, that it was possible to be a strong leader both at home and work. To work hard, love hard. So thank you for that, and sending social distancing hugs!  

– Michelle V. 


Happy Mother’s Day to the Best Mom ever. 

– Kevin D. 


My Mother kept a garden, A garden of the heart.

She planted all the good things that gave my life its start.

She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream.

Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rain came, she protected me enough.

But not too much because she knew I’d need to stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example always taught me right from wrong.

Markers for my pathway that will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother’s garden, I am her legacy.

And I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you! 

– Erin K. 


Mom, you are nothing short of Amazing!! Parenting is freaking hard lol just wondering how you made it look so easy.  

– Angela


My mom is an eternal optimist that has guided me through more storms than I’d like to admit, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

 – Brady N. 


One day, I wish I could be half the person my mom is today. I am so grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for our family. She has the most selfless heart.  

– Nadine


To my mom, I miss you everyday. I wish you could be here to see your grandkids grow up. You would have been their best friend and they would have loved to spend time with their grandma. But alas, we know you are watching over us and are helping my wife and I navigate this parenthood thing. To my wife and mother of my children, thank you for everything you do for our boys and our family. You keep us organized, safe, and ensure we have fun on our many adventures.  Thank you from our boys and I. We love you. 

– Garret S.


Thank you for always being there no matter what. For helping me through the tough times and cheering me on in the good. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, that’s for sure!

– Noah B. 


Hi Mom!! Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy Mother’s Day. Thank you for ALL that you do and have done. I’m grateful you are my Mom and thankful for the wisdom you continue to share.  

– Elisa E. 


I want to wish a happy first Mother’s Day to my wife, Rachel. Ella is so lucky to have you as her mom!   

– Jon


Shoutout to my Madre, Sweet Heidi B! Thank you for always making me your first and most important priority (John is a close second). I appreciate everything you do for me and all the love and support you have shown E and I. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, we love you! 

– Kristen B. 


Happy Mother’s Day Leah! You are the most caring, funny, beautiful woman inside and out and I am so lucky to be marrying into your family. Thank you for raising Edaun so beautifully and giving him the cooking gene. We love you and hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day!  

– Kristen B. (soon to be P.)


Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for setting an amazing example of kindness, compassion, hard work, and generosity my whole life, I love you!! 

– Danielle J. 


You are such a supportive, loving, caring, important part of my world. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day! 

– Joanie




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