The explosion of cell phone buyback and trade-in programs have created an influx of used devices available on the secondary market. Over the past couple years a shift has taken place in the way wireless retailers, manufacturers or cell phone buyback companies leverage the secondary market: as a compliment to their already existing programs, many companies are launching customized business-to-business online auction marketplaces that connect bulk quantities of trade-in devices directly to buyers. The result is a new and level playing field for wireless dealers, big and small, to obtain the inventory by cutting out the middleman and purchase directly from the source.

Consider the following benefits:

No price mark ups: purchasing directly from the retailer’s B2B online auction marketplace ensures a competitive and transparent auction platform so you’ll never pay more than you want

No product poaching: bypassing the middleman means that you’ll have fair access to non-pilfered bulk quantities of previously traded-in devices, across all condition codes

 Enjoy a direct relationship with the retailer: this has historically been tough for small to mid-size dealers to do

Transparent negotiation: eliminate back and forth negotiation and enjoy a level playing field with visibility into all competing offers

For more information on this topic, please read our recently published article in Wireless Dealer Magazine. For a look at B-Stock Solutions’ network of B2B marketplaces for previously traded-in devices including cell phones, tablets and other consumer electronic merchandise, please visit our Sourcing Network.