The retail return experts at B-Stock compiled a list of the top five holiday gift returns; the top flops include:

  • Women’s Trendy Apparel: Shirts with ruffle overload and sleeve cutouts are a definite gift – DON’T. Same goes for bedazzled booties.
  • Specialty Kitchen Items: You might be sending your significant other the wrong message by getting them a crockpot (hello, anyone watch “This Is Us”?). Also, leave the espresso maker where it belongs, in someone else’s kitchen.
  • Lego Sets: Any parent knows that picking up up hundreds of tiny Lego pieces totally blows. End of story.
  • Small Hand Tools: Could there be anything more boring than a tape measure? I mean, unless it’s personalized with a monogram and favorite colors, it’s probably going back to the hardware store. Note: Tape measures have made the list for two years running.
  • Dolls (the creepy lifelike ones): You know, the ones that blink and crawl and do the potty dance. Little girls around the world have spoken: they’d rather play with trucks.

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