What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? Any holiday that focuses primarily on family and feasting is good with us!  This year’s Turkey Day post is all about what our team is thankful for (don’t worry, the usual post about Black Friday/Cyber Monday remorse will post next week). We got some great responses from people located all over the country, including Canada! It turns out, people are very grateful for their pets, wine, family, friends and coworkers! We’ll kick things off with what our CEO, Howard is thankful for.

“I’m thankful for the incredible team at B-Stock and how hard everyone has worked to support our growing list of clients. From welcoming new hires to adding new marketplaces to overcoming challenges to conquering huge goals, this past year has been one for the books! I’m looking forward to what next year brings for B-Stock. A big thanks as well to our loyal clients that trust us to provide guidance and strategic solutions; we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Thanks for the great work everyone!”
-Howard Rosenberg, Redwood City, CA

“I’m thankful for B-Stock hiring me this year to do work that I love. I also give thanks for two healthy kids, a very playful dog and a loving wife.”
-Mike Rohde, San Francisco, CA

Karaoke, Dad Jokes, and my Cactus Plant.”
-Claire Mitchell, Boston, MA

“I’m thankful I still get to spend Thanksgiving with my dad. I’m also thankful for my mom, who helped me become who I am today.”
-Jennifer Haynes, Nashville, TN

“There’s lots to be thankful for. First I’m Canadian – don’t hate us because we’re awesome. We celebrate early (Oct 8th this year) and therefore eat all the good turkeys before everyone else in North America. Happily married for 39 years, two fantastic daughters and 1 granddaughter. I love my job – thanks B-Stock – and I’m really not that upset over my golf handicap (a solid 20+). And here’s Harley and Cassie, who are thankful that they can share a sun patch without resorting to violence.”
-Paul Busch, Caledon, Canada

“My work tribe, peace and pugs.”
-Rajvi, San Francisco, CA

“I am thankful for a life that is more rewarding than I probably deserve. I have a healthy family and amazing friends. I am also thankful for the amazing group of people I get to work with everyday here at B-Stock! You guys/gals make coming to work so easy and fulfilling! I’m truly blessed!”
-Erin Keith, Crestview, FL

“I’m thankful for being a part of the dev team, which is incredibly talented and supportive. I also feel extremely fortunate to work for Ivaylo, who consistently feeds my passion for software engineering by giving me guidance to grow in my development, and the freedom to explore. I’m also incredibly grateful for my husband and best friend, and the journey we’ve travelled together.”
-Mary, Edmond, OK

“Along my journey I’ve learned that the more thankful I am, the more I have to be thankful for. I’m appreciative of the endless new chapters B-Stock provides in my journey. This year, I’m most grateful for the grand opening of our new Orlando office! Thank you B-Stock for believing in me to lead this new chapter. I give thanks every day to my supportive husband, two beautiful children, and three fabulous fur-babies. All who inspire me daily to provide the very best me I can give to B-Stock.”
-Michelle Vazquez, Orlando, FL

“I’m thankful for my team mates, who always have my back!”
-Christy Holley, Leesburg, FL (Orlando area)

“I’m thankful for sunshine, great friends and family, a great work team, creative freedom, good health and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.”
-Colleen Murphy, Charlotte, NC

“I’m thankful for hard work, and the brief paws that comes from time to time.”
-Steve, Boston, MA

“My crazy yet wonderful family and friends, happy and healthy furry pets and my rapidly expanding second family I lucked into when I joined B-Stock!”
-Karen Huff, Space Coast, FL


“I am immensely thankful for the success I have been able to achieve and the successes I will be able to achieve in the years to come thanks to the amazing people (family, friends, and co-workers) I have to support me.”
-Cassidy Davis, Columbia, MS

“I am thankful for having an amazing job at B-Stock that has filled me with so much happiness!”

“I am thankful to be working for such a wonderful company, for my amazing husband, and the beautiful mountains I get to look at everyday living here.”
-Amanda Kleier, Salt Lake City, UT

“I’m thankful for good health, my family and friends, my sweet fur baby Phyllis, and a job I love. And let’s not forget wine. I’m especially thankful for wine.”
-Christine Worden, Santa Barbara, CA

“I’m thankful for my awesome team and all the people I love.”
-Kate Barton, Redwood City, CA

“Thankful for Rajvi lifting me up all the times that Marketo has let me down.”
-Kush, Redwood City,  CA

“I’m thankful for customer returns, excess inventory and reporters that want to cover the topic of reverse logistics.”
-Melissa, Phoenix, AZ

“Getting to know my favorite Bulgarian!”
-Jen, Redwood City, CA

“I am thankful to work with some great folks and clients at B-Stock. Shout Outs for a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving Holiday for All!! =)”
-Nathan Parsons, North Royalton, Ohio

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