We are proud to once again be supporting Sam’s Club on this initiative. We have people who were part of the launch at FairMarket in 2001, then we helped them grow while we were at eBay through 2008, and now we look forward to taking it to an even higher level as B-Stock Solutions. They are truly great partners whose long-term view of business is inspiring.

Embedded video from CNN Video

In this video, Clark Howard talks about Sam’s Club’s B2C liquidation marketplace. This has proven to be the single most effective liquidation mechanism I have seen for brand new excess inventory. It is effective in many diverse ways that cut across departments in an organization. The overall value to an online retailer is truly incredible. This type of B2C solution creates:

(1) Huge increases in recovery rates over traditional liquidation (finance and merchandising love it as it improves the P&L),
(2) Ability to achieve both recovery improvement and velocity (operations teams love it since it keeps inventory flowing),
(3) Deep customer engagement and loyalty (e-commerce teams appreciate the impact on the buyer experience, time on the site, repeat visits, etc.), and
(4) Extremely efficient, targeted marketing opportunities. (marketing loves the opportunity auctions provide to send huge volumes of targeted email (you’re winning, your’re losing, you won, you lost, etc.))

Every one of the top 100 online retailers should (and ultimately will!) have a solution like this on their website. Call us and we’ll make it happen!

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