Our latest technology release makes uploading auction listings on B-Stock Supply a breeze. With our new Manifest Template, Supply sellers can make edits, search and sort through their manifest listings with ease (we’ll even calculate totals for you– no need to do the math or apply formulas!). We’ve also created an online portal that allows sellers to input listing information via an automated process.

It’s a win for buyers too: they will now be able to view and sort through the complete item manifest without ever leaving the auction page.

Here are a few more reasons why we’re so pleased to announce this update:

A better buyer experience: your buyers can easily search through and/or view the complete item manifest without ever leaving the auction page. Improved manifest searchability will often increase buyer traffic and bids.

Automated process saves time: we’ll automatically calculate total retail price, total number of units and total value of the lot based on the information you provide, so there is no need to do math or use formulas. Even better, the second part of the auction title will be automatically generated with information about units, retail price, condition, and location (so you don’t need to worry about the order or forgetting something).

More advanced features: sort, preview, edit and clone your manifest with ease. You’ll be able to easily sort manifest records by column as well as preview/verify all info before submitting an auction and make edits if necessary. Additionally, we’ve improved the “clone” feature enabling you to create templates with ease.

Want more info? Check out the below video or visit our Auction Submission Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to build and submit an auction with our new template.