Announcing our Q2 Grade A Award Winners! These individuals were nominated by their peers in two distinct categories: for embodying B-Stock’s core values and being a collaborative, dedicated team member (aka an internal business partner).

For the core values category, nominees must demonstrate behavior, actions, and attitude that exemplifies: Honesty & Integrity, Intelligence & Curiosity, Humor, Hard work, Respect for others, Respect for data, Cooperation/Teamwork, Patience and persistence, Passion for building something great, and Frugality.

For the internal business partner category nominees are recognized as going “above and beyond” with their dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement of others.

With that said, B-Stock is happy to announce our three winners for this quarter’s Grade A Award: Dave Whitlock, Makayla Gray, and Alvaro Ferreria.

Dave Whitlock
Strategic Account Manager, Mobile 

Winner, Core Values category. What his nominator said:

Dave is a star behind the scenes. Always willing to help, whether it’s constructing a Zenbooth, troubleshooting in the Zoom Room, or helping someone with Excel, he’s a standout team player at every opportunity, putting others and the company before himself. Dave will stay late to get his work done, or to take on the random project that he was assigned (or more likely, volunteered for). He’s extremely reliable and always able to help.

Dave is the first person to ask questions and will dive into difficult data and analysis problems. 

His curiosity and eagerness to help his teammates make him shine in every aspect of the job. He is a true team player, helping to make B-Stock great in every way that he can. Read more about Dave and the mobile team.

Makayla Gray
Staff Accountant

Winner, Internal Business Partner. What her nominator said: 

I’ve worked with Makayla for 3 years; as a Software Engineer part of my job is finding where the issue is, deep inside the application.

Makayla makes my job easier for a few reasons: 1) She tries to really understand the issue, and potentially how to solve it, before reaching out to me. 2) By gathering all the details and fully understanding the issue, it makes it much easier for me to fix. 3) She acts as a bridge between her team and the technology team: she has been instrumental in transferring the knowledge gained from our sessions to her team. 4) She welcomes change with open arms. Check out Makayla’s employee spotlight

Alvaro Ferreria
Lead Engineer

Winner, Internal Business Partner. What his nominator said: 

Alvaro has completed several significant projects during his time at B-Stock. One of his early assignments was to revamp the Sam’s Club B2C auctions site into a modern website that looks even more professional and appealing to buyers. His hard work generated a very happy Sam’s Club B2C client and a pleasant user experience for buyers.

Overall, Alvaro has a great sense of aesthetic; it is very rare to find a developer with an eye for design. Not only does he spend time building the functionality components in the backend, but he also cares about the visual components. Two examples of his work include building a dynamic manifest table on the auction detail page to simplify the browsing experience for buyers (Alvaro received frequent compliments from new clients during the implementation process); second, Alvaro worked on Supply’s listing tool that streamlined both the listing submission process for all Supply sellers and the new registration process for buyers. All of his work has generated positive results.

If you want to join this dynamic team of account managers, engineers, accountants and more, please check our careers page for current openings.

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