The Q1 Grade A Award winners have been announced and we couldn’t be more excited to spotlight them! The award spotlights outstanding performance by individuals who 1) embody the B-Stock values, 2) are collaborative, dedicated team members, and 3) make bold attempts and innovate.

Without further ado, here are this quarter’s winners and their nominations as submitted by peers from across the company!

Layth Ibraheem
Technology Engineer

What his nominators wrote:

Layth has shown exceptional drive and commitment to B-Stock’s Core Values, most prominently in patience and persistence, behavior, actions and attitude, intelligence and curiosity, passion for building something great, and humor. Layth is a team player who is clearly invested in the success of B-Stock as a company and his immediate team members. He is always willing to lend a helping hand as well as offer words of encouragement when you succeed. He cares about your growth as an engineer and wants to see you progress. He also isn’t afraid to lighten the mood and crack a few jokes, which is much appreciated and a great reminder to not take yourself too seriously. Layth leaves me motivated to become a better engineer every day I work with him, which is why I think he is the perfect choice for this award.


Honesty, passion, humor, teamwork, and respect: Layth exemplies every single one of these core values. He is not only passionate about the work that he does as an engineer, but he is a leader in his willingness to help others, both on his team as well as on other teams. When given a problem to solve, Layth will not only find and implement a solution, he will then go one step further in order to improve the quality of life for both external customers and internal teams. His automations work for the Finance team magnified his drive and initiative to me.

Layth has been a mentor to me, and has pushed me outside my comfort zone, which has enabled me to become a stronger engineer. His feedback on my code, or my approach to a problem, is always extremely candid, yet very respectful. I can always trust that Layth holds me to the highest standard. Layth is also a lot of fun to be around, and even when the team is faced with a challenge, he’s able to bring his sense of humor to the table and can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Layth’s personality helps define the integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, well-intended, and good-natured culture of our company.

Tim Dupuis
Account Management

What his nominators wrote:

I have worked with Tim across multiple clients and prospects. His consistent approach to excellence is his greatest asset and a huge value add to the entire B-Stock Team. This current quarter he is onboarding a client, building custom demos for my prospects, and winning Ping Pong Tournaments! Tim is truly covering all the bases! One specific example, Tim knows how to leverage data to help ensure the success of pilot marketplaces.

I’m nominating Tim Dupuis for the Q1 2019 Grade A Award based on: his high level of professionalism and his ability to learn about the Fashion vertical business strategies; Tim’s solid partnerships with myself, Listings, CS, Finance, Marketing and most importantly the fashion clients during implementation and pilot; his proven track record to strategically lead the fashion vertical marketplaces (and all marketplaces to be honest) during the implementation and pilot phases by communicating the best auction strategies to ensure successful launches.


Tim has excellent communication skills and has always been there for me to provide technical guidance and support whenever I needed it. He’s confident yet humble, and never makes assumptions. His presentation style and demeanor on a business call or during an on-site meeting is polished and friendly, he demonstrates excellent listening skills, he’s collaborative and always provides valuable information for our clients.

The Fashion vertical can be challenging to learn due to the numerous attributes that impact GMV and recovery: brands, seasonality, inventory, assortment, holidays, buying patterns, etc. Tim often mentions my fashion expertise during meetings and how he’ll partner with me to ensure the lotting for the initial rounds are created to maximize the recovery. He keeps the Listings Business partners involved throughout the process as well. Tim really understands teamwork and is viewed as a role model not only from the Implementation team, but the entire Boston office. He consistently goes above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure that we all WIN in this amazing organization. As one of the first Grade A Award winners, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than Tim.


Tim is an amazing business partner who demonstrates daily with his attitude and excellent communication just how much he truly understands that the success of one department IS the success of another and that we are truly TEAM B-Stock. He works diligently with all departments to ensure we are all “pulling in the same direction” to achieve what is best for our clients, our buyers, and our company. If he is made aware of a pain point for another Team—he actively engages to understand the problem and see if there is anything he can do to help; further demonstrating that he understands that though we may all have different job functions—we are all dependent on one another and working together is the way we succeed.

Eunice Lee
Product Manager

What her nominator wrote:

From the perspective of the Boston office and Client Services team, Eunice has been nothing short of spectacular. She has gotten deep in the weeds to become a subject matter expert in areas to help out the entire team. When Eunice sees a problem to solve, she always comes back with a solution that is better than what anyone else imagined. Her recent work in Tableau has enabled account managers to save dozens of hours of time, while conducting more complete and clear analysis, in ways we couldn’t do before. I appreciate the open mindedness, patience, and teamwork shown by Eunice and all that she has done to help our team(s) be successful.

B-Stock’s core values are represented by each of these employees. Every quarter we’ll celebrate three new employees recognized by their peers for their great teamwork. If you want to join this dynamic team of account managers, developers, product marketers and more, please check our careers page for current openings.


Editorial Team


B-Stock Editorial Team

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