Natalie Mullin joined the B-Stock team earlier this year to represent the voice of our Buyers. Her experience in partnership and product marketing is an essential element for B-Stock. Natalie’s goal is to better understand and improve the overall buying experience. This includes focusing on Buyer education, understanding the Buyer journey, and advocating for Buyers when it comes to platform enhancements. Natalie’s main focus is on relationship building with B-Stock’s top Buyers and developing educational content relevant to all Buyers.

She gained her experience by starting her career in CPG marketing at Nexxus Beauty Products, focused on product development and stylist education. She moved on to Commission Junction where she managed marketing programs and relationship development for a number of major retail brands, including, Microsoft, and Disney Movie Club.

Natalie describes herself as a “retail industry junkie.” She is obsessed with the evolution of the retail industry, and how small businesses manage to find a way to survive amongst enterprise retailers and the nonstop evolution of technology, promotions, and customer service.

She joined B-Stock because she was excited to be part of a tech company that is not only helping an industry plagued with store closures, overstock inventory, and increased returns but is helping create the secondary retail market. Located in Silicon Valley, and being surrounded by tech, Natalie says, “I’m proud to work for a company that is using tech to solve a real problem, while also empowering SMBs and entrepreneurs, and it isn’t simply tech for the sake of tech.”

Natalie’s focus on tech is not just lip service. She does not take our platform’s nearly zero-downtime-performance for granted. B-Stock’s business model and platform really does empower budding entrepreneurs and small business owners to fully participate in the secondary retail market through a democratic, accessible, and transparent marketplace where they can grow their own financial independence.

Her focus on Buyer education and understanding how Buyers use the platform—by developing relationships and gathering feedback—will ultimately benefit both B-Stock Buyers and Sellers with improvements to the platform and understanding their needs so they can more effectively buy and receive merchandise.

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