This month’s employee spotlight shines attention on Christine Worden, B-Stock’s Sales & Marketing Programs Manager who works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that our trade shows, conference set up, speaking engagements, and Sales’ lead collection runs smoothly. Let’s just say the Sales team wouldn’t be the well oiled machine it is today without Christine.  

Christine joined B-Stock in December 2015 but was already well versed in online marketplaces and the retail secondary market due to spending time at eBay as a Category Manager. At eBay she worked alongside Eric Moriarty (currently B-Stock’s Vice President). According to Christine: “It was an exciting time to be at eBay. Eric and I were working as the first couple of Category Managers and became fast friends while doing business development work. Because eBay was really small at that time, we were getting the word out using guerilla marketing techniques by attending shows, sponsoring shows and doing a lot of promotional activities.”

Fast forward 17 years later when Eric reached out to Christine about opportunities at B-Stock, specifically needing help developing the company’s trade show program. Fun fact: trade shows, and all of the activities associated with shows, are the biggest lead generator for the Sales team; that’s why an organized individual like Christine was a MUST. The two of them together built a position for her based on Eric’s needs and Christine’s experience.

It’s not all behind the scenes work though: Christine is a staple at most trade shows; you can catch her in the B-Stock booth chatting with customers, helping to raise awareness of B-Stock and our liquidation solution. Says Christine of her trade show schedule: “I like being on site and in a customer-facing role, interacting with people. This is especially true since I work remotely; it’s nice to have that interaction with the Sales team as well as other B-Stock employees that come out to the shows.”

Due to her crazy organizational skills (and ability to effectively negotiate hotel contracts!) it’s no wonder Christine was tapped to be a member of B-Stock’s End-of-Year Event planning committee. Thanks to Christine most of the groundwork has already been paved (hotel, logistics, details, etc.), ensuring that our 100+ employees have a productive and fun-filled week.