We’re pleased to announce our Q4 Grade A Award Winners! These individuals were nominated by their peers in two distinct categories: Embodying B-Stock’s Core Values and Being a Collaborative, Dedicated Team Member (aka Internal Business Partner).

For the Core Values category, nominees must demonstrate behavior, actions, and attitude that exemplify honesty & integrity, intelligence & curiosity, humor, hard work, respect for others, respect for data, cooperation/teamwork, patience and persistence, passion for building something great, and frugality.

For the Internal Business Partner category, nominees are recognized as going “above and beyond” with their dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement of others.

With that said, B-Stock is happy to announce our two winners for this quarter’s Grade A Award: Mike Pham and Ramesh Naidu!

Mike Pham
Customer Support Specialist

Winner: Core Values category. What his nominator said:

When it comes to Hard Work: Mike has stepped up in a BIG way to help fill not one, but two additional pairs of shoes for this team. He puts the Customer Service Frontline team first in everything he does. Mike does an amazing job of keeping everyone on task to ensure the work gets done and in a timely manner—while at the same time doing his best to make sure everyone is enjoying the work that we do.

For Patience & Persistence: While helping to lead the Frontline team on a daily basis, Mike is also known for handling a lot of the more time consuming, complex situations that may arise with our buyers. The level of patience he shows while juggling so many things at once is almost unreal and is definitely to be commended. No matter what is going on, Mike just keeps going—with a smile on his face, no less.

When it comes to Passion for Building Something Great: In everything he does, Mike demonstrates that the development of this amazing team as our company continues to grow is his priority. He’s a big picture thinker and is always thinking of ways to improve Customer Service processes in the future.

Ramesh Naidu
Senior Software Engineer

Winner: Internal Business Partner category. What his nominator said:

As the go-to dev resource for all implementations, Ramesh has a lot on his plate in addition to all the other projects he is working on. Regardless of the workload, he always gets the job done—often working after hours to ensure sites get launched on time.

One recent example was during the Unilever Implementation, which was scheduled for promotion to production the day before Thanksgiving. A problem with our hosting provider caused a delay, but Ramesh didn’t leave until the site was ready. Had he not, we wouldn’t have been able to launch on time. Since launch, the client has praised our ability to meet its deadline.

Anything Ramesh perceives as a ‘problem’ or ‘delay’ never becomes an issue for our team, because he persists and figures it out every time, without fail. It’s apparent in working with him that he’s passionate about B-Stock and invested in the success of every single client, keeping us motivated to do the same. 

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic team of Grade A talent, please check out our careers page for current openings! 

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