We’re pleased to announce our Q3 Grade A Award Winners! These individuals were nominated by their peers in two distinct categories: for embodying B-Stock’s core values and being a collaborative, dedicated team member (aka an internal business partner).

For the core values category, nominees must demonstrate behavior, actions, and attitude that exemplifies: Honesty & Integrity, Intelligence & Curiosity, Humor, Hard work, Respect for others, Respect for data, Cooperation/Teamwork, Patience and persistence, Passion for building something great, and Frugality.

For the internal business partner category nominees are recognized as going “above and beyond” with their dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement of others.

With that said, B-Stock is happy to announce our three winners for this quarter’s Grade A Award: Danielle Janauskas, Jennifer Haynes, and Michael Karpay

Danielle Janauskas

Sr. Strategic Account Manager

Winner, Core Values category. What her nominators said:

Danielle is extremely intelligent and has become a solid “go-to” business partner across many teams. She is quick to provide support to the team and does not hesitate to reach out to people or post questions in Slack to gain further insights about a process or auction cadence. Her astute business acumen, her determination to resolve customer issues in a timely manner and her passion to share best practices across our Account Management team should not go unnoticed, nor unrecognized.


Danielle shows her dedication to her work every single day. She has very operationally challenging accounts that require attention to detail, project management skills and a cool head to get through. Her hard work getting new locations set up for Target and also helping grow the Costco account say all that need to be said about her passion and dedication to B-Stock. She consistently helps me with managing projects, being a sounding board and organizing my thoughts to help me become the best Strategic Account Manager I could be. Her patience and perseverance in the face of adversity and challenges is something to be admired and also recognized. 

Jennifer Haynes

Auction Listing Technician 

Winner, Core Values Category. What her nominators said: 

When I needed help, Jennifer stepped up and expanded her role by taking on creation of and maintenance of Listings’ bulk Upload Templates (a very important scalability tool). Doing this well requires great understanding of not only Excel, but of listings processes, consideration of process flow, and solid communication skills. I knew she would do well with this, and she still exceeded all expectations as she grew into this role.

Day in and day out Jennifer goes above and beyond. She is diligent, analytical, and one of the most thoughtful people I know, and I can’t imagine where our department or B-Stock would be without her. 


Jennifer is truly an asset for our team. She works tirelessly to advance our automation for our listings through upload templates, and she is always available to work through any unforeseen kinks or issues anytime we roll out new versions. Regardless of the request or question, she never loses patience nor delays progress. She is a true team player with an awesome attitude and always has our department’s best interests at heart, no matter the time of day. There is no task too big or too small for her to take on, and take them on she does, without missing a step. She is a shining example of this Core Value and truly leads in her role with true respect for all of us and the utmost of team spirit. B-Stock is truly lucky to have her!

Michael Karpay

Lead Automation Specialist

Winner, Internal Business Partner. What his nominator said: 

Michael always goes out of his way to offer support wherever he can, but I’m nominating him this quarter for one project he completed, which provided significant value to our department and specifically one of our pilot marketplaces that seemed difficult to scale at one time. After learning the situation, he dedicated time immediately, developing the tool in 48 hours and within a week it was tested and ready for use. A coupld highlights below:

  • He took a lotting process that was previously 100% manual and created a custom tool in google sheets , cutting the weekly AM time required for lotting by more than 50%.
  • In the first full month using the tool this site’s GMV increased 75% ($97k to $170k)
  • The tool eliminates human error and generates a consistent, repeatable le format that has made the auction process more convenient for the client.

This was an above and beyond effort that made a direct impact on the site’s success. Michael learned about a problem, lent his expertise (this was outside his normal day-to-day responsibilities), rolled up his sleeves and figured out a solution. This type of attitude is what makes B-Stock great. While this is only one example of Michael’s contribution to our department as an internal business partner – it wasn’t the first, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 

If you want to join this dynamic team of Grade A talent, please check our careers page for current openings.

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