B-Stock will be attending NRF 2020 Vision in New York City from January 12-14. The conferenceput on by the National Retail Federationis the world’s largest retail conference and expo, bringing together more than 800 companies for learning, networking, exhibits, and more. 

This time of year also happens to be retail returns season. And while the holiday season was a success for most retailers, it’s likely there will be higher-than-normal customer returns to sort out. Case in point:

  • 77% of consumers plan to return at least one gift
  • Online returns will account for almost half of total holiday returns 
  • 25% of all returns take place during Christmastime

The way you handle returned inventory, especially the items that can’t go back on shelves, really matters. By letting it pile up in the back of the warehouse until you sell it to one or two buyers you are leaving money on the table.

The good news is, we can help.  If you’re going to be at NRF 2020 Vision and are interested in learning how B-Stock’s  marketplace solution can generate higher pricing for your returned and excess inventory, head over to booth #218 to chat with the team.

Not going but still looking for a viable solution for returned or excess inventory? We’d love to chat with you about ways to offset loss and generate higher recovery (post-holiday and all year long). Please contact us anytime.

You can also check out our Holiday Playbook and learn how an online marketplace can help solve your post-holiday returns problem.

Holiday Playbook

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