Looking to source stunning, high-end home fixtures? Look no further than Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions. From unique bathtubs, hardware, vanities, lighting, faucets and more, save big on stylish statement pieces for every room in the house. Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions is the premier source for fine imported kitchen and bath fixtures, plumbing supplies, hardware, and home décor. Let’s take a closer look in this edition of Marketplace Spotlight! 

Who is Signature Hardware?

Signature Hardware is an award-winning plumbing fixture, hardware, and lighting brand offering luxury accents and memorable statement pieces for every room in your home. With a focus on design and function, Signature Hardware prides itself on having products that are not just beautifully crafted but built to last. Headquartered in Northern Kentucky, nearly all items are stocked on-site and ready to ship quickly anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada. Clients value Signature Hardware for the trust they have in the company and the quality of products they receive. 

Our B-Stock buyers appreciate Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions for the top-quality inventory and their great customer service. Some of our buyers had this to say about Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions:

“Just received our order. I must say the best service and product I have received.” – Richard S.

“The product is good, manifests are accurate, and we do well with this category.” – Don B.

About Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions

Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions offers buyers access to fine imported kitchen and bath fixtures, plumbing supplies, hardware and home décor. Inventory is primarily New Condition and Customer Return home accessories. Auctions close two times per week on Mondays and Thursdays. This marketplace is a favorite among buyers because of the condition of the merchandise, well-packaged lots, the consolidated shipping option, and top-notch customer service. 


Signature Hardware Liquidations Auctions registration eligibility is open to both U.S.-based and international buyers. U.S. buyers will need to have a resale certificate form attached to your application. This is a standard requirement for all marketplaces on the B-Stock Network. Canadian buyers must provide standard proof of business documentation or a valid HST/GST/QST number. International buyers (excluding Canada) must provide some form of official documentation that shows the purchase is for export. This way, we can ensure that sales tax does not need to be charged on your purchases. This can include an exporter’s license, registration with the department of revenue with your country, or business registration form. Once approved (usually within one full business day), you can immediately bid to win Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions inventory. 


Lots purchased on the Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions marketplace require binding shipping; meaning, buyers do not have to worry about organizing their own shipping. With seller-arranged binding shipping, the cost will vary depending on a few different variables: zip code, weight, density, number of pallets, how many pallet spaces will be used during transport, and a few other factors. Merchandise currently ships from Erlanger, KY. For more information on common shipping practices found on B-Stock, please read our article Buying Basics: Auction Lot Shipping Methods.  

Signature Hardware Liquidations Auctions offers a Truckload Discount Savings program — a consolidated shipping option that can save buyers a significant amount on shipping costs. If you win multiple less than truckload (LTL) lots you can combine your shipments into one less expensive Truckload (FTL) shipment. For additional details and how to qualify, read more about the Truckload Discount Savings program. 

For beautiful, quality-crafted home fixtures Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions is a marketplace worth discovering. To view all of the inventory Signature Hardware Liquidations Auctions has to offer, register now


Editorial Team


B-Stock Editorial Team

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Amberly Bliss, Owner

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"I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk when you’re first starting out."

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