Have you heard of Essendant? If not, as a small business owner buying on the B-Stock network, you should absolutely get to know them! Essendant Liquidation Auctions is a highly-rated marketplace for all office goods. From ground-up construction equipment to supplies like pens and paperclips, Essendant Liquidation Auctions is a one-stop shop for workplace essentials. Let’s take a closer look in this edition of Marketplace Spotlight! 

Who is Essendant?

Essendant is an industry-leading wholesale company that helps resellers and suppliers reach the modern workplace by powering smarter business operations, category expansion strategies and business growth opportunities. Essendant prides itself on long-standing relationships with repeat buyers, nurturing business ties every step of the way. Independent resellers, distributors, and online retailers love Essendant for its category offerings like Office Products, Furniture, Janitorial & Sanitation, Imaging, Automotive, Safety, and (Industrial) Tools all in one place. 

B-Stock buyers love Essendant Liquidation Auctions for its well-packaged lots, seamless process, quality inventory, and attention to customer service. In fact, here is what some of our buyers had to say:

“We have been buying on B-Stock for about a year now.  We buy from multiple vendors and we purchase roughly five to 10 trucks a week.  We purchase Essendant products regularly and are always pleased with what we receive.” ATX Auctions 

“The condition of the goods was average to above average. Just as stated in the manifest.” TNT Services, LLC. 

About Essendant Liquidation Auctions

On the Essendant Liquidation Auctions marketplace, buyers can find inventory like office furniture, cleaning supplies, woodworking equipment, general tools, plumbing equipment, printers, paper, pens and more. Essendant inventory is mainly customer-returned merchandise (but because its primary customers are repeat buyers, the returned merchandise is usually in better condition than expected). Inventory is primarily listed in Good/Fair condition with new auctions listing twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Learn more about Essendant Liquidation Auctions conditions descriptions. 

Registering for Essendant Liquidation Auctions

To be eligible to register for the Essendant Liquidation Auctions marketplace, you will need to have a resale certificate form attached to your application. This is a standard requirement for all marketplaces on the B-Stock Network. Essendant Liquidation Auctions registration eligibility is open to U.S.-based business buyers only. Once approved (usually within one full business day), you can immediately bid to win Essendant Liquidation inventory. Note: only buyers with California resale certification are eligible to bid on California auctions at this time.


Essendant Liquidation Auctions currently offers auction lot shipments in both LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload). Merchandise currently ships from four facilities across the U.S.: Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, and Chicago, with more locations coming in 2020. Lots purchased on the Essendant Liquidation Auctions marketplace require binding shipping; meaning, buyers do not have to worry about organizing their own shipping. With seller-arranged binding shipping, the cost will vary depending on a few different variables including zip code, weight, density, number of pallets, how many pallet spaces will be used during transport, and a few other factors. For more information on common shipping practices found on the B-Stock platform, please read our blog Buying Basics: Auction Lot Shipping Methods.  

From furniture to cleaning supplies, Essendant Liquidation Auctions is a marketplace worth discovering. To view all the inventory Essendant Liquidations Auctions has to offer, register here!

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